A country has 2 Valentine’s Day a year: It is unbelievable that Japan girls have so much to do in Valentine’s Day! Boys even need to repay in double!


Valentine’s day is around the corner. Men in Hong Kong are trying to reserve flowers and restaurants, at the meantime, Japan girls are also very busy.

This is because in Japan, 14 February is a season for girl to take initiative to express their love to men that they like. That’s not limited to the one they have the crush but also include their husband, father, boy friends, bosses, colleagues… all of them will have the chocolates from girls.

Let’s look at how the Japan girls categorize the chocolates that they are going to giveaway on 14 February the Valentine’s Day.


Favorite Chocolate

These chocolate are given to boyfriends, or the one they have the crush. The hottest choice is the imported brand chocolate from the luxury specialty stores or department stores. Another choice is making chocolate on your own!


Honor Chocolate

These are chocolate that Hong Kong people call them “ social obligation” chocolate. They are given to bosses, colleagues. If you want to send out the chocolate in a decent way, the hottest choice is purchasing bulk package online. Big online shopping websites, like Lotte, have different kind of Honor Chocolate selections.


Friends Chocolate

This chocolate category has a higher level than the Honor one. Relatively can choose some interesting chocolate. Cute and Fun is the key. The chocolate to be given to girl’s closet friends are belonged to this category. I once received a diet drink with chocolate flavor from one of my close girl friends.


Family Chocolate

These chocolate are for father and brothers. For father’s you can pick chocolate with the subtle packaging. However, listen to many male friends, they received the failed hand-made chocolate from their sisters most of the time instead.


Reward Chocolate (Encourage Chocolate)


These are chocolate that girls bought for themselves. Girls are sweet lover that’s their natural instinct. Recently, it’s very popular that girls buy a big box of chocolate for themselves as a reward. So they call them the reward chocolate. They usually buy the expensive chocolate or chocolate they do not eat during the weight control period.


Japanese take the Valentine’s Chocolate very serious

There are several chocolate categories. It is not difficult to imagine how hard it is for the Japanese girl to carry packs of chocolate home. Recently I passed by the big department stores, all are promoting chocolate. Amongst them most are imported brand chocolate. Japanese really admire the foreign stuff in this sense. A box of chocolate with 4 to 5 in it costs 4-5,000 Yen. Of course, it is just for the favorite chocolate. Luckily, there is chocolate counter in the convenient store during the Valentine period. The price is much cheaper but that is good enough for the honor chocolate.



Japan’s Valentine’s Day is more about expressing their love to their surrounding people, instead of just to their beloved one. But using chocolate as a standard of the social etiquette is a bit too heavy. A friend of mine, their company has already announced that the female colleagues do not need to give out chocolate. Heard many young folks were very disappointed (ha ha).

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14 March the White Valentine’s Day is the day for boys to repay!

Japanese like reciprocity, of course, they would like to repay to girls for the chocolate they had received in February. In light of this, it is not difficult to understand why the White Valentine’s Day is originated from Japan. Repay gift are not limited to chocolate, candy, biscuit and so on are also appropriate.


At first, I thought the White Valentine’s Day is the boy to return the gift to the girl that he likes as an assurance of their feeling to each other. After coming to Japan, I discovered basically all Japanese men return gift to girls to express their thankful. Especially those seniors, they are surely to return gift to female with lower status or to young female subordinates. The gift is more expensive than the one they had received. Once a manger that I know told me, he usually return gift that’s 3 times more expensive than the chocolate gifts that he had received. So it is a headache to receive the expensive chocolate from subordinate on 14 February Valentine’s Day. Guess only Japanese has such trouble?


Wish you have a sweet Valentine’s Day this year and receive various types chocolate!