Travel in Shizuoka. Rent a high speed Ninja Wifi device for free!

If mentioning Shizuoka city, not many people are familiar with this city. However, Shizuoka city is a very popular travel destination of the local Japanese. Shizuoka city is located in between the middle of Japan and Kanto region. Inside the city you can see the Japan’s icon Fuji Mountain from distance, and as it’s close to the summer resort Izu, so it on the travel consideration list of many Japanese families and schools. Currently, many Hong Kong travel programs introduce Hamamatsu city that nearby. If you want to try the most local Eel cuisine, then you must not miss this city.


By talking so much of the unique features of Shizuoka city, the most important thing that would like to share with you is the super value of money event of the complex information center in Shizuoka city.


By talking so much of the unique features of Shizuoka city, the most important thing that would like to share with you is the super value of money event of the complex information center in Shizuoka city. That’s the free rental Pocket Wifi 『Ninja Wifi』up to 15 days. People visit this website, of course, they want to know the advantage of the 『Ninja Wifi』. Use Softbank high speed 『Ninja Wifi』, the maximum download speed can up to 187.5Mbps, it can be connected to 10 devices at the same time. It costs HK45 per day that’s super value of money already, but now when Shizuoka is on your travel itinerary, you may enjoy completely free 『Ninja Wifi』.


From 1st of November of 2015, the information center complex of Shizuoka city will launch the free rental 『Ninja Wifi』for tourist. Reader only need to bring a phone that can use the SNS website (e.g Facebook, Twitter, LINE and so on) to punch, take photos and bring passort, then you can rent a 『Ninja Wifi』up to 15 days for free. The process is easy and convenient.

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1. Go [Shizuoka information center complex) to punch!


Shizuoka information center complex is near by the bus station at the northern exit of the JR Shizuoka station. It can be easily found by taking the JR from Tokyo or Nagoya. After arriving the information center, you can use simple English to tell the staff that you want to rent the 『Ninja Wifi』,then the staff will show you to take the photo of the designated signage inside the center, then upload the photo to any SNS website. It’s used to promote Shizuoka tourism. After finishing the punch, you only need to show the screen to the staff, then your application is completed. (Beware the opening hour of the information center is 09:00am – 17:45pm, weekend remain open)


2. Borrow 『Ninja Wifi』to travel in Japan for 15 days


Mini size 『Ninja Wifi』is convenient to carry and to travel around Japan

Once your application is success. You can rent the 『Ninja Wifi』for free right the way and start your Japan itinerary. Although it is an even to promote Shizuoka’s tourism but you can use the wifi at any places in Japan within 15 days rental period. It’s very suitable for traveller who chose Shizuoka as their travel starting point to enjoy the super value of money free pocket wifi experience. As the free pocket wifi is first come first serve, so it will happen that the devices are out of stock. However, accordingly to the News from “Ninja Wifi”, they have had prepare many of stocks already that travellers do not need to worry about.


3. Anywhere in Japan can return the 『Ninja Wifi』


When you finished your travel and about to leave Japan, you will experience 『Ninja Wifi』super convenient return service. 『Ninja Wifi』has counters at the 10 major airports of Japan, they include Narita International Airport (QL Liner counter), Haneda Airport, Kansai International Airport, Osaka International Airport (Itami Airport) Central Japan International Airport, Fukuoka Airport and New Chitose Airport. The returning of the device before departure is easy and fast. If you are not departure at the listed airports, you can use the domestic airmail to send back the device. Super easy, super convenient. For more information, please visit the official website of 『Ninja Wifi』:

Ninja WiFI rental procedures

If you want to enjoy the high speed and free Pocket Wifi, please consider include Shizuoka to your itinerary. Furthermore, the company hasn’t announced when the even will be finished, as the reaction is so good, believe the event won’t be stopped shortly. For readers who will travel to Japan later, please check out the latest news of it.