Top 10 places to watch autumn leaves in Kansai! (Part Two)

See Kansai (Part One),there more good places to go during autumn in Kaisai!

Take a slow walk in the red forest, surrender your mind and soul to the nature, enjoy a relaxing travel~

The main places are Mogamiyama Park, Metasequoia Namiki, Koto Sanzan, Osaka Castle Park and Banpaku Memorial Park.

6. Mogamiyama Park


The beautiful red leaves are located at the west side of the Park. These are not only wild Maple trees; they are from all over the world, such as China, Canada and etc. During the peak season, the whole mountain is covered in red, just like flaming fire.

Take a walk along the corridor; both sides are covered with maple leaves creating a red leave tunnel. Enjoy the beauty of autumn and explore the new adventure. The nearby Benten Pond is the local favorite.

The peak season lies from mid until late November; the Night Lantern Festival will be on-going at the same time.

Best visiting time Mid ~ Late November
Location Hyogo Prefacture, Shiso
Festival period: Autumn Festival November 22 – 24, 2015
How to get there [Train]
Take 神姫バス from the JR Sanyo Himeji Station, get off at the Yamazaki Station, 15 minutes walking distance
National route 29 to IC Yamasaki for about 5 minutes

7. Metasequoia Namiki


The road is a total length of 2.4 km from the Makino Agriculture Park to Makino Highland, 500 Metasequoia were planted along the road. During late November, these trees are covered in red and yellow leaves.

The Metasequoia leaves are conical in shaped and aligned with the road, together with the Nosaka Mountains, it reconciles into a harmonious scenery. It deserves to be listed in the new “Japan’s 100 Best Streets with Trees”

Best visiting time Mid ~ Late November
Location Shiga, Takashima
Festival period:
How to get there [Train]
Take ピックランド Bus at the JR Makino Station, get off at Makino Highland
Via the Meishin Expressway, East IC Kyoto, for about 1 hour and 30 minutes

8. Koto Sanzan


Koto Sanzan is located on the Suzuka Mountain, east of Lake Biwa. The Saimyoji Temple, Kongorin-ji Temple and Hyakusai-ji Temple are known as the old 3 Tendai Buddhism temples. The temples are known as the best viewing places for autumn leaves. Many tourist come for its natural scenic beauty formed by the red leaves.

Best visiting time Mid ~ Late November
Location Shiga, Aisho
Festival period:
How to get there [Train]
JR Kawase Station→ driving 15 minutes by car (Saimyouji Temple)
JR Inae Station→ driving 15 minutes by car (Kongorin-Ji Temple)
Yokaichihonmachi Ohmi Station→ driving 15 minutes by car (Hyakusai-ji Temple)

9. Osaka Castle Park

©Ari Helminen

Osaka Castle Park is located at the center of Osaka City. It is a very spacious park, a good place to relax and enjoy yourself. The Castle Tower looks even better with the dark red Somei Yoshino as the background.

Walking through the 1.1km stretch of gingko trees, the golden figure in the autumn season leaves you with a deep impression. Forget about the hustle and bustle city, take a relaxed walk.

Best visiting time Early November ~ Early December
Location Osaka
Festival period:
How to get there [Train]
JR Osaka Loop Line to the Osaka Castle Park Station or the Morinomiya Station Take the subway to the Mironomiya Station

10. Banpaku Memorial Park

©Hiroaki Kaneko

The park was used as the venue for Japan’s World Exhibition during Showa 45 (1970). Many small ponds are scattered in the screen park, surrounding the icon of the park – the Sun Tower.

There is a National Ethnology Museum in the park. The best autumn leaves viewing month is from early until late November.

Best visiting time Early ~ Late November
Location Osaka, Suita
Festival period:
How to get there [Train]
Osaka Monorail to the Banpaku Memorial Park Station


After seeing the beautiful pictures, do you have the urge to fly to Japan right away?

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