Top 10 places to watch autumn leaves in Kansai! (Part One)

The last time I was introducing Kanto to you , (Part One)(Part Two),but Japan is huge, how can we just stop there?! This round let’s take a look at Kansai! Here is Ohara (Hosenin), Arashiyama, Minoo Waterfall, Daiitoku-ji Temple, and Mount Hiei. (See Part two here)~

1. Ohara (Hosenin)

2073089785_8a5101d9db_b-1024x541 ©merec0 Hosenin is located behind Sanzenin Temple. Visitors can admire the view of the famous garden from the tatami room. If you are visiting Hosenin in the middle of November, enjoy your tea and dessert in the tatami room while watching the beautiful scene of red leaves and green bamboo. During the nights, it gives a different feeling. Listening to the melody of the water flowing while enjoy the scenery of the autumn night, it gives you a unique experience.
Best visiting time Mid ~ Late November
Location Sakyo, Kyoto
Festival Period Lantern festival, November 7 to December 6, 2015
How to get there [Train] 1. Take the “Ohara” bus from the JR Kyoto Station, it takes about 1 hour to reach Ohara, then walk about 15 minutes 2.Take the Karasuma Line to the Kokusaikaikan Station, take Ohara bus for about 1 hour, get off at Ohara and walk for 15 minutes

2. Arashiyama

5211202976_3bfb1fb8c6_b-1024x683 ©orio NAKAYAMA It has a beautiful red and yellow landscape. It has many attractions, such as Tenryu-ji, it might take you the whole day to visit Arashiyama. The Sogen Pond「曹源池庭園」is one of the highlights in the temple, you will be amazed by the colorful scenery of the pond.
Best visiting time Late November ~ Early December
Location Ukyo, Kyoto
Festival Period Arashiyama Autumn Festival, November 8, 2015
How to get there [Train] Arashiyama Line to the Arashiyama Station, 5 minutes walking distance

3. Minoo (Minoo Waterfall)

2079668949_295df49d2e_z ©Go Imai Minoo Waterfall was listed in the “Japan’s 100 Best Waterfalls”. With a height of 33 meters, the waterfall is the park’s main natural attraction, the surrounding changes according to the change of season. It is one of the best places in Kansai to see autumn, together with the sound of the waterfall, it gives you a spectacular view!
Best visiting time Mid November ~ Early December
Location Osaka, Minoo
Festival Period Autumn Festival, November 1 – 30, 2015
How to get there [Train] Take the train from the Hankyu Minoo Line to Minoo Station, walking distance about 40 minutes

4. Daiitoku-ji Temple

800px-Dai-itoku-ji_Kishiwada_Osaka_pref18bs5 ©663highland Daiitoku-ji Temple and Tahoto are listed as important cultural world heritage. During autumn, they are covered with red leaves and gingko trees. They are one of the best attractions to watch the red leaves, there are also many waterfalls around the Daiitoku-ji Temple. The best visiting time to watch autumn is during November. Every November, the Daiitoku-ji Temple will organize the Autumn Festival. You can enjoy the delicious vegetable tempura, Japanese sake and all kind of other food. It is easy to get there, it only takes an hour from Osaka City.
Best visiting time Mid ~ Late November
Location Osaka, Kishiwada
Festival Period Autumn Festival, November 23, 2015
How to get there [Train] 1. Take train on the Nankai Line and get off at Kishiwada, take a Nankai Bus for about 50 minutes to Daiitoku-ji 2.Take a bus from the JR Kumeda Station, take a Nankai Bus for about 40 minutes to Daiitoku-ji

5. Mount Hiei

5253189249_073259924f_b-1024x683 ©tataquax Autumn comes earlier in Mount Hiei. The Autumn Festivsal will be held in the most beautiful area. You can drive too Mount Hiei using theMount Hiei Expressway. Even though the road is quite complex, but along the drive, you can overlook Kyoto, Otsu and Lake Biwa. Mount Hiei driveway Night October 1, 2015 – November 23
Best visiting time Early ~ Late November
Location Shiga Prefecture (Otsu)
Festival Period
How to get there [Train] 1. . Take the Keihan Ishiyama Sakamoto Line to Sakamoto Station, walk for 10 munites to the Mount Hiei Sakamoto Cable Car Station, cable car takes about 11 minutes, get off at Enryakuji Station 2.25 minutes’ walk from the JR Mount Hiei Station to the Mount Hiei Cable Car Station, the cable car takes about 11 minutes, get off at Enryakuji Station