Top 10 places to see autumn leaves in Kanto (Part One)

October is approaching; the leaves gradually change from green to red, red to yellow, symbolizing the coming of autumn. In Japan, there are 700 places to see the autumn leaves. Following we will introduce the 10 best places to see autumn leaves in Kanto. These places can be easily reached from Tokyo, please do not miss your opportunity during this autumn, such scenery can only be enjoyed in this season! Part Two here!

1.Meiji Shrine Garden

pc010775-1024x768 In the autumn, it is when the green Ginkgo biloba covered with gold. Meiji Shrine is the most famous attraction for Gingkgobiloba. From the streets to “Saint-Memorial Museum of Painting” of just 300 metres, there are 146 Ginkgo trees, divided into four neat tower stands in the both sides of the road. A walk through the trees forces a golden tunnel, what a spectacle view! Walking through the path bring you into the scene of a Japanese TV drama series. Besides the museum, there is also a Meiji Jingu baseball stadium, indoor stadium, soft play stadium and golf, it has a wide range of sports facilities.
Best visiting time Late November ~ Early December
Location Tokyo, Shinjuku
Festival period: 2015, November 14 ~ December 6 ※10:00 ~ 16:30
How to get there Ginza Line ‘Gaiemmae Station’ or ‘Aoyama-itchōme Station’, walking distance 3 minutes


3083761363_b99250d790_b-1024x683 ©TANAKA Juuyoh 3080893165_7cc4e639b4_b-1024x683 ©TANAKA Juuyoh YoroKeikoku is located at the top of the Yoro River, it is popular hiking spot and it is famous for its red leaves. Those who want to capture the beauty of red leaves, must not miss it. During the night, there are many unforgettable events organized by the association. There are many hiking routes: from beginner 60 minutes route to 4 hours hiking lover routes, it fully satisfies everyone’s hiking need.
Best visiting time Late November ~ Early December
Location Chiba
Festival period: Red Leaf Festival November 23, 2014 (2015 undecided)
How to get there [Train] Kominato train line Yoro Keikoku station – walking distance 30 minutes. Waterfall of Awamata, Kominatotrain line, take a bus for about 20 minutes from Yoro Keikoku Station or walk for 2 hours and 30 minutes, take a bus for 20 minutes from Kazusa-Nakano Station.[Driving] From Ken-O Expressway Tsurumai IC, use National Route 297, Prefecture road 168, Prefecture road 81, for about 40 minutes.


11165824406_82a9398157_z ©Guilhem Vellut Rikugien is near Komagome Station, the garden is a typical example of a garden from the Edo period. This garden is built based on the concept ofthe Six Principles of Poetry which comes from the idea of the six elements in waka poetry while en means garden or park. In late November, when the autumn comes, most of the 450 maple trees and 600 ginkgo trees are completely embraced in the beauty of the garden. The red leaves on the northwest of the garden is the most charming ones. Rikugienis one of the rare night garden where the lights illuminate the lake and gardens making it sparkle in the dark. It is a romantic place for couples to take a walk in the park.
Best visiting time Late November ~ Early December
Location Bunkyō
Festival period: Red leaves and bright lights of the famous garden starts from November 19 to December 6 (sunset ~21:00 (final admission 20:30))
How to get there [Train] JR Komagome Station, walking distance 7 minutes


11049938813_1de9a34918_c ©PRORichard, enjoy my life! Hodosan is a mountain of 497 meters in height, covered with maple leaf and oak trees. Tourist can take the cable car climb to the top to have a good view from the top. November is the best season to watch the red leaves, during mid to end of November, the place is decorated with lights. Besides that, the enshrined god in Hodosan Shrine is aligned with the fire guardian god from Mitsumine Shrine and Chichibu Shrine.
Best visiting time Mid ~ Late November
Location Saitama
Festival period: Hodosan Shrine Light Festival: November 14, 2015 ~ 29th (at 17:00~21::00 (※ tentative))
How to get there [Train] Chichibu Trainline, Nagatoro Station, walking distance 15 minutes [Driving] Kan-Etsu Expressway, National Route number 140, 30 minutes.


5145884549_545641834e_b-1024x683 ©Norio NAKAYAMA In the “100 roads in Japan”, from Nikko City to Lake Chuzenji, total of 15.8 km with 48 sharp turns. You can watch the red leaves in drive. Due to the height difference, you can view the whole area and sometimes you can watch the wide Kanton view. On the Akechidaira Expressway, there is an observatory stage where you can enjoy the view of Lake Chuzenji.
Best visiting time Mid ~ late October
Location Nikko
Festival period: Hodosan Shrine Light Festival: November 14, 2015 ~ 29th (at 17:00~21::00 (※ tentative))
How to get there [Train] (Akechidaira)JR East, Tobu Station, Take the Tobu Bus towards Chunzenji or Yumoto Hot Spring, about 40 minutes (Chunzenji Hot spring)JRTobu Line, Tobu Station, Take the Tobu Bus towards Chunzenji or Yumoto Hot Spring, about 45 minutes【Car】 Nikkō Utsunomiya Road, from Kiyotaki towards Yumoto, about 20 minutes

Today we introduced the first five places, pay attention to the second part tomorrow!