Zoo is not the only place that you can see animals – The best 5 Tokyo cute animal café/bars

Do you have friends really like to see and have intimate contact with animals? However, it may a bit inconvenient to make time to visit the zoo during travel, or city travel schedule may too tight for visiting zoo? Actually, visiting animals don’t have to go to zoo, especially, if you are in Japan. Today we will introduce the most popular animal café in Tokyo. You are not only can have the close contact with the cute little animal and post it on Facebook to have LIKE from friends, but you can also having lunch or dinner there. You can enjoy the great scenery as well. One restaurant satisfies you 4 wishes, then you don’t need to worry that cannot fit into your travel itinerary.

1)Novel popular choice – Owl Café アウルの森


Telephone: 03-3254-6366
Address: 5F Matsu Takashi Shoji Building, 4-5-8 Sotkanda, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo.
Opening Hour: 14:00 ~ 23:00pm (Every Wednesday opened at 17:00pm)
Closing Day: Every Monday
If counting the new healing type of café, the Owl Café must be one of them. It’s very popular in Japanese. When compare to cats and dogs, owls are not common pet. That’s why attracted many animal lovers to visit the café to see the cute owls and make a close contact with them. In fact, there are popular owl cafes in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro, Shibuya and Kichijoji as well, however, they are not as big as this one located in Akihabara. There are 30 owls, the admission fee is only 890 Yen per hour and include a free drink. After purchasing electronic appliances and comic stuff, then come here to receive the healing.

2)Cheers with Mr. Penguin ペンギンのいるBAR 


Telephone: 03-5927-1310
Address: 1 Floor, COSMY 1, 2-38-2 Ikebukuro, Toshima-Ku, Tokyo
Opening Hour: 18:00 – 04:00am
Closing Day: 1/1
Special Attention: under 18 is not allowed to get in


Is it true if we want to have a meal with the sea animals, then we have to go to the aquarium to reserve the super expensive restaurants? Actually only need to go to this Penguin bar in Ikebukuro, then you can use the regular price just like you are in Hong Kong to enjoy your drinks relaxingly, while looking at the cute active penguin swimming. If you are penguin lover, don’t miss it then. An important note, the official website also have the English menu. You don’t need to worry the language barrier that hindered you to order food. Come here at night to enjoy a relaxing night. The atmosphere is great and healing.

3)Shiba Inu Shop manager has a heart to heart conversation with you – Bar Black Sheep Dogenzaka


Telephone: 03-3496-7330
Address: 2F, Wakatsuki Building, 2-29-13 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Opening Hour: 19:00 – 01:00am
Closing Day: every Sunday (General holidays will be opened)
Is there any animal more healing than the Shiba Inu? I always wondering, after a hard working day, want to have a reliable shop manager to listen to you to help you to release the stresses… welcome to this shop that Shiba Inu with Hana as the shop manager. Bar Black Sheep is only 5 minutes walk from Shibuya. Hana is a 5 years old female Shiba Inu and she is very gentle. Hana’s master is back from London, he opens this bar for his own interest, everyday he and Hana are welcoming the busy city people at night. This shop also attracts many foreign tourists to come here to play with Hana. As the owner can speak English, you don’t need to worry event you don’t know Japanese.

4)Non-mainstream Series – Yokohama Subtropical Teahouse – Reptiles Café

12375033_1184996931529175_2154478912786868717_o (Source:Facebook

Telephone: 04-5263-4015
Address: 2F, Tomimori Shoji, 8-133 Chojamachi, Naka Ward, Yokohama, kanagawa Prefecture
Opening Hour: Monday, Thursday to Sunday 11:00 ~ 20:00pm (Last Order 19:00pm)
Closing Day: Every Tuesday and Wednesday, 12/29 – 1/6 will be closed
If your interest is a bit special, in addition to the general mainstream fury cute animals, you prefer to the tropical retiles more, then don’t worry. Japan still can satisfies your need. However, you need to go to Yokohama that nearby Tokyo. There is a famous reptiles café, in there you can observe different kind of reptiles, and also can taste the selected Chinese tea at the same time. Surely you can enjoy a relaxing moment there. From turtles to lizards, to frogs and to snakes .. If you are interested, you can visit the official Facebook Album of this store, to have a look of the photos of the animals.

5)Cat Slave’s principles of royalty: Cat Café- 猫カフェMoCHA


Telephone: 03-0455-3503
Address: 8F, Asoruti Shibuya, 32-12 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo (Lawson convenient store is on the ground floor)
Opening Hour: 10:00 ~ 22:00pm
Closing Day: every Tuesday, Wednesday, 12/29 – 1/6 will be closed

This is a super famous cat café in Japan, there is not just because the cat slave masters, but the interior decorations of the branches in Ikebukuro, Shibuya or Harajuku is all look fabulous. It creates an super relaxing and comfortable space for the cat slaves to enjoy the time with the cats.
Today, we will introduce the Shibuya branch that was opened in July of 2015. You can play with more than 20 cats, while viewing the Tokyo sceneries from the high place without any blocking at the front.


If you tired after playing with those cats, you can enjoy reading the selective collectable comics. From teenage boys comics to girls comic books, they have everything. Of course, you have to know Japanese first, otherwise, there is unlimited drink offer at 350 Yen only. If you pay 500 Yen, you can have the cat snacks that make cats crazy. If you want to be a cat, pay 500 Yen that’s all needed.


Next time when you visit Tokyo, you can go to the café /restaurants being mentioned above to visit those animal stars in person.

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