Three strategies to visit Tokyo DisneySea [Only in Japan]!

Tokyo DisneySea東京ディズニーシー is a fantasy theme park at the Tokyo Disney Resort, only in Tokyo, Japan! Due to its unique themed, it attracts many visitors every year.

If you want to spend your time wisely in the theme park, is it best to plan out your itinerary! The admission ticket can be purchase at many places and the management also provides an app to the visitors to check on the ticketing queue status. Let me share with you, my experience in Disney Sea! 😛

1.Admission Ticket

Firstly, it is best recommended that you reserve you ticket online or purchase it at the convenient store in Japan. If you want to purchase it at the theme park, it might take you a whole day to queue for it. Convenient store such as LAWSON or FAMILY MART, provides vending machines for theme park tickets, very convenient!

One day pass: Adult 6900 Yen, children (4-11 year-old) 4500 Yen

Ticketing Official Website


2. Theme Park APPS-「Dの待ち時間」

This app is very helpful, it is known as 「Dの待ち時間」, it allows you to check out waiting time for each of the game in the theme park. You can check how long it takes to queue and plan for your own itinerary. However, this app only suits those who can understand Japanese. The layout of the app is very simple; it should be easy to understand.



3. Fast Pass

The first thing you have to do when you enter the theme park is to collect your Fast Pass (FP)! There are too many games facilities in the theme park, it is difficult to try out everything in one day, but with the FP, it can reduce your waiting time! For example, if you have collected a few FP, you can come back to the game area according to the time set on the FP without queuing; you get direct access to the game using the FP.

FP counter is usually near the queuing area, sometime there will be some staff with a florescent light bar to attract your attention! If you are visiting DisneySea with a group of friends or family, it is best to get some of them to queue up and some of them to collect the FP. With the FP, you can arrange your plan and utilizes the time wisely!



One more thing, DisneySea business hours changes without any notice, remember to check it online before departure!

DisneySea Official Website