The popular sento in Osaka – Nobehatsuruhashi

Most of the people who plans to visit Kansai will choose to stay in Osaka, and the transportation to Kyoto, Nara, and Kobe are very convenient since there is not many attractions in the city of Osaka, you can spend the day visiting other cities, during the night you can enjoy a bath at the local bathhouse (sento) to relieve all your tiredness.


Osaka’s most popular hot springs, of course, is the “Spa World” which is located in the Tennoji area. However, other than this, most of the tourism books would also introduce Nobehatsuruhashi which is very close to Tsuruhashi Station, giving everyone another option!


Nobehatsuruhashi is about 10 minutes walking distance from the station, walk through the shop when you see 123 Pachiko shop.



About a 10 minutes’ walk, then you will see the traditionally decoratedsento, remember to remove your shoe before going in!


The place is smaller than SpaWorld, but its decoration is much more refined and traditional compared to SpaWorld. If you have been to SpaWorld, this second popular sento in Osaka is a good option too. There is a Korean BBQ street nearby, the place usually opens until midnight, it is recommended to try out after your bath.


After you have removed your shoe, you can pay at the counter and collect your keys.



This key is the key to the locker where you can store your clothes, it is also used as the key for billing records in the sento, including the vending machines, grocery stores and etc, just like the SpaWorld, so please keep the key carefully with you.



After the 2nd floor, it is the entrance to the public bath, the decoration are very refine, and it is forbidden to take pictures after this section.



The bath used in Nobehatsuruhashi is the carbon acid spring water, most of the baths have the same function, but with different temperatures.



The bathhouse is decorated with unique taste, there is also a lounge available for relaxation, you can spend an hour or more easily.


It is located 5 minutes away from the Tsuruhashi Station, there is JR loop line, Kintetsu Line and subway line around the station, it is close to Namba city center area, it is not difficult to get there. The admission fee is 850 Yen, it is considered one of the expensive sento, while the place is well decorated and it is equipped with massages and spa packages, it is worth the price!



After a bath, they also offer small store and shops, but it is recommended to try the barbeque outside.



Or you can also recharge yourself in the lounge before going for another adventure!


The author had experienced both SpaWorld and Nobehatsuruhashi, both of the sento are quite ordinary, SpaWorld is bigger than Nobehatsuruhash, it is equipped with an amusement park and more bath choices, it is suitable for a big family. While for Nobehatsuruhash, the price is more economical, it is also equipped with different type of massage and spa packages, suitable for those who want a relaxing bath.


Nobehatsuruhashi Official Website