Summer seasonal tradition, Tokyo’s firefly tour!

fireflies in the bush by stream

Summer is coming, if you talk about summer with Japanese, they will immediately think of the fireworks and ceremonies, of course, they will not miss out the firefly (ほたる狩り) viewing activities. The best place to view firefly is in countryside but if you are travelling and do not have sufficient of time, Tokyo has number of parks that you can view fireflies. Day trip is workable. Seize the July and August period to enjoy viewing the beautiful sparking spots in the sky.

Chinzanso Hotel (ホテル椿山荘)『Firefly Dinner Buffet 』

f1The first one that we would like to introduce is the dinner buffet of a hotel with fireflies as the gimmick. Chinzanso Hotel is located at the suburb and use fireflies as the dinner buffet’s selling point. Customer can enjoy the gourmet and wine, while also enjoy the beautiful scenery of fireflies are flying in the hotel’s garden. Since 1954, this hotel place the firefly’s eggs inside the garden in winter, so every year at mid of May till end of June customers can have the special experience of viewing the fireflies while dinning.


Date: 5/20 (Friday) ~ 6/30 (Thursday)
Time: 19:00 ~ 21:00pm
Location: Banquet hall, Chinzanso Hotel, 2-10-8, Sekiguchi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Fee: Adult (Monday to Thursday)/ 9,800 Yen; Adult (Friday to Sunday) / 10,500 Yen

QED Club 『Early Summer Seasonal Traditional “Firefly Field”』


QED Club is a western restaurant being transformed from a Hungarian ambassador mansion. It is an exotic experience to viewing the fireflies in a western garden. This restaurant is located in Nakameguro, an exclusive residential district with many famous branded stores. You can enjoy your dinning while admiring the fireflies. Let’s enjoy a luxury night. Remember this restaurant is expansive and they have the dress code limitation. Gentleman needs to wear jacket (short sleeve is not allowed).


Date: 5/17 (Tuesday) ~ 6/30 (Thursday)
Time: 18:00 ~ 23:00pm (Weekdays only)
Location: QED Club, 1-1-29 Nakameguro, Meguo-ku, Tokyo
Fee: 2,000Yen of viewing fee plus the cost of a meal

Sumida Aquarium x Tobu Zoo 『Firefly Night』


Tobu Zoo and Sumida Aquarium jointly hold a firefly event. The venue is inside the famous sky tower of Tokyo. Visit there with your partner to viewing the beautiful night sceneries of Tokyo and the fireflies. You can imagine how romantic it could be. As it is an indoor venue, so it will not affected by weather. The café of the aquarium has the special limited seasonal firefly shaved ice. The self-glowing glass filled with shaved ice and mango jellies. It’s a fantastic way to lure LIKE from friends by posing the photo of it.


Date: 6/22 (Wednesday) ~ 6/26 (Sunday)
Time: 18:30 ~ 21:00pm
Location: Sumida Aquarium, 5 & 6F Tokyo Sky Tree Town Soramachi , No2, 1 Chome, Oshiage, Sumida-Ku, Tokyo
Fee: Admission fee of the Aquarium 2,050 Yen

Shibuya City Botanical Garden Fureai 『Firefly Field 2016』


『Shibuya City Botanical Garden Fureai』is a environmental friendly garden. The electricity supplies to this garden is from the heat by burning the garbage. You can view the full sky fireflies at this botanical garden. It is an amazing scene in bustle city.

Date: 6/17 (Friday) ~ 6/21 (Tuesday)
Time: 17:30 ~ 21:00pm
【Location: Shibuya City Botanical Garden Fureai, 2-25-37, Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Fee: Free of admission

Shirokane Plaza 『Amanogawa (Milky Way) Firefly Festival 2016』


Amanogawa Firefly Festival is organized by the Shirokanedai’s shopping street for the residents. Visitors can view the fireflies at the middle of the plaza, while enjoying shopping. The most important thing is it’s free!

Date: 7/2 (Saturday), 7/3 (Sunday)
Time: to be confirmed
Location: Shirokane Plaza, 1-17-1, Shirokane, Minato, Tokyo
Fee: Free Admission


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