Unstoppable Cherry Blossom Viewing! 2016 Fuji Shibazakua Festival detailed Information

Believe many people had viewed the cherry blossom in the past Easter holiday. Although, the Kanto cherry blossom viewing is coming to the end, but as a cherry blossom lover like you, how can you let go the opportunity to do 『Hanami』in May?

This time we will introduce the Shibasakura festival to be held at Kawaguchiko in Fuji Mountain.


Kawaguchiko in Fuji Mountain is a very popular travel attraction of Hong Kong people and Taiwanese. In addition to the trekking period of Fuji Mountain in July, the Shibasakura festival in May is also one of the big attractions of Kawaguchiko. 80 thousand of Shibasakura trees that formed a pink flower sea, which definitely a selling point that worth to visit.


Basic Information:

2016 Fuji Mountain Shibasakura Festival

This year the Shibasakura festival starts from 4/16, it lasts more than 1 month normally. There is a direct bus from Tokyo city to Kawaguchiko, you can do a day trip. It’s very convenient.


Blooming News:

Normally the peak blooming time is from second half of April to the first half of May. The first half of May is the golden week holiday of Japan, as it’s also the blooming time so the venue is crowded with people. You can only follow people and be pushed to walk. If you can avoid go there during the golden week and go on weekday, then the situation will be much better. Friend of mine visited Kawaguchiko from 5/6 – 5/9, he took pretty nice photos.


On website the photo will keep updated and it has the LIVE CAMERA. Highly recommend to visit their website before your trip. As it is in the mountain, so the weather changing can be very intense.



Reference :


By Car

Map reference:


There has a few temporary parking lot, you just need to follow the instructions from the staff. The parking is free if I remember correctly. However, as there are too many cars, even you have parked the car at the temporary parking lot, you still need to spend 10-15 minutes to get to the venue by walk.


By Tram -> Taking shuttle bus at the Kawaguchiko Station


I would recommend people who visit Fuji Mountain at the first time or those tram lover to take the tram. Interchange to 『Fuji Express/Fuji Mountain VIEW express』from Otsuki Station, then get off at the Kawaguchiko station. The view outside the tram is spectacular, while the interior of the tram is also very refined.


Buy Bus -> Taking shuttle bus at the Kawaguchiko Station


Not to mention, this is the cheapest transportation. There is a bus at Shinjuku in Tokyo go to Kawaguchiko station directly. Timetable reference:  

Just a reminder, the bus will pass through the bumping mountain roads, if you have the motion sick, please don’t forget to bring the pills.


If you are departure from Yamanashi or Shizuoka, you can consider to purchase the bus package, it includes the round-way bus ticket and the admission ticket.


For returning, you can go to Fuji mountain station / Kawaguchio station directly from the venue.

It becomes much simple after arriving Kawaguchio station. The tram only has one exit door. After getting out from the tram, you will see the bus station. Find the ticket box with the 『Fuji Mountain Shibazakura Festival』flag, then buy the tickets there that’s all. Taking bus even simpler, after getting off the bus, you will see the ticket box.


Checking out the attractions one by one:

Dual Fuji Mountain

It is the symbol of the Shibazakura Festival. Use the real Fuji Mountain as the backdrop; you see the little Fuji Mountain grows with many Shibazakura trees.
You just can’t help to appraise the thoughtfulness of the Japanese.


Foot Bath

As mentioned previously the temperature in the mountain is a bit colder, it is still suitable to have a footbath in spring. Only there have the Shibazakura right in front of you while having the footbath, so try the hot spring when you visit Fuji Mountain. The footbath cost around 300-400 Yen if I remember correctly, and towel needs additional charge (100 Yen). If you like the towel, you can buy it as souvenir. No bathing time limited.


Shibazakura Products

In Japanese’s festival, the little stalls are indispensable. There were lots of things, Cherry blossom tea, cherry blossom noodles and cherry blossom ice cream. The mobile post office has the limited edition postcards and stamps that you can send back home right the way.


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