In the cherry blossom Blooming season, the best Hanami (cherry blossom viewing) spots in Kyushu you must know.

Time flies and it’s almost April already. The forecast shows this year the cherry blossom blooming time will be delayed coupe of days when compare to previous years. But in general, cherry blossom is blooming from second half of March to mid of April in the whole Japan. Kyushu as the southern part of Japan, the cherry blossom blooming is much earlier than other regions. For people who will visit Kyushu from second half of March to the first half of April, please don’t forget to do your homework to find the best spots to view the once a year cherry blossom blooming.

Although there are countless of places for viewing cherry blossom in Kyushu, but when talking about where you can find the most beautiful and numerous of cherry blossoms? Of course, we have some special recommendations. This year the full blooming (Cherry blossom is mostly bloomed) time is the first half of April. The cherry blossom starts blooming in the second half of March. Fukuoka is expected to have the full blooming time on 3/30, Kagoshima on 4/7. If you want to know more details about the blooming time, please don’t forget to visit the following website.


2016 Cherry Blossom Forecast:


Nishi Park (Fukuoka)


Nishi Park is located at the center of the Fukuoka city. It’s the most convenient spot for traveller to view the cherry blossom. Inside the park there are more than 1,300 cherry trees of many varieties. As the park is open 24 hours, it’s completely fine to view the cherry blossom at the night. The prospect square in the park can see the Hakata Bay, Nokonoshima, Shikanoshima and so on. As this park is located at the center of the city, it can be reached by taking the city tram and get off at the 『Ohori Park』station. It’s the walking distance that’s suitable for travellers who didn’t rent the car. Also people who want to enjoy a relaxing city walk, while viewing the cherry blossom at the meantime.


Address: Nishi Park, Central District, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture


Ogi Park (Saga)


At the southern area of Bogang, Saga is also a convenient location to view cherry blossom. As one of the national historical parks, Ogi Park has the splendid riverside sceneries. The park has more than 3,000 cherry blossom trees for viewing. At night, when the lights around the lake are lighted up, you can go and see the beautiful cherry blossom floating on the surface of the lake. Although, Saga is not a place that travellers would stay long, but you can take the JR to Ogi station, then walk to the park. The location of the park is good. If you are moving from Hakata to the south; you can go to visit this grand national park that is very famous amongst the local people.


Address: 185 Ogi-Cho, Ogi City, Saga Prefecture


Kumamoto Castle (Kumamoto)


Next, we will introduce the Kumamoto Castle, which is on every travel guidebook. In addition to its magnificent structures, the garden in the castle has numerous of cherry blossom trees. It also nice to view the cherry blossom when visit the Kumamoto Castle. The size of the garden is a bit small and has around 800 cherry blossom trees. The castle has the light lighting and night cherry blossom viewing activities. It’s suitable to have a walk at night after visiting the Kumamoto Castle, or you can go up to the castle tower (Tenshukaku天守閣 ) and look down to view the garden filled with cherry blossom trees. It is also a great experience.


Address: 1-1 Chūō-ku, Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture


Mochio Park (Miyazaki)


After finishing the introduction of Northern Kyushu, of course, the next one is the southern Kyushu. In comparison to the parks being introduced above, the location of the Mochio Park is a bit inconvenient. Although you can take bus from the famous Miyazaki attractions 『Kirishima Jingu』and 『Takachiho Farm』and get off the bus at 『Yokoichi』station, then go to the Mochio Park on foot. However, the number of buses is very limited and after 1st of April most of the bus stations are relocated in Miyazaki (by the way I was stayed nearby the Kirishima Jingu…) It is very inconvenient if you do not rent a car. Mochio Park is huge and along the 2km roadside are all cherry blossom trees. There are not too many travellers there. You can climb up to the Mochio Shrine, on its stairs you can view a spectacular cherry blossom sea. As one of the famous cherry blossom viewing spots, it’s really worth to go there by car.


Address: 6633 Yokoichi Cho, Miyakonojo, Miyazaki Prefecture


Sengan-En (Kagoshima)


The last but not least we will introduce the famous attraction Sengan-En, which is located in the Kagoshima city. Sengan-En itself is a very famous garden. Although it charges the admission fee ( It’s pretty expensive) but absolutely worth of money. In addition to the stunning Japanese garden sceneries, you can also see the Sakurajima. Inside the garden, there are stores selling the local craftsman products and restaurants that have the nice garden views. It is great to have the tea while viewing the cherry blossom in the garden. Sengan-En has many different types of cherry blossoms. From first half of March to second half of April, the cherry blossoms inside the garden will bloom gradually. So even you are a bit late to visit Kagoshima, but you still have the chance to view the cheery blossom. (Although the cherry blossom hadn’t bloomed when I was there in second half of February). For transportation, as you can go there by train, from Kagoshima Chuo station or Kagoshima station only takes 30 minutes the max. So even you do not have a car, you still can go there.


Address: 9700-1 Yoshino-cho, Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture


Information source: さくら名所100選 (Sakura Attractions 100 Selection)


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