A cherry blossom feast that give you both the visual and gustatory enjoyment ~ 日本橋 桜フェスティバル2016- (Nihonbashi Sakura Festival 2016) – Part 1

Spring is back and it is the once a year cherry blossom blooming season. Japan held many different limited-time events during this cherry blossom blooming season. This time we would like to introduce the feast of Nihonbashi -桜フェスティバル (Nihonbashi Sakura Festival).

This year the Sakura FESTIVA starts from 6th March to 10th of April. If you want to experience both the visual and gustatory enjoyment under a sky with the cherry color, understand the unique Japanese style culture, then you need to pay attention to the following introduction.


The extraordinary cherry blossom viewing way -桜フェスティバル, two main transportations for viewing the Cherry Blossom

In addition to walk on the walking street or walk under the cherry blossom trees, 桜フェスティバル provide the unconventional way to view cherry blossom. This makes your cherry blossom chasing footprints more interesting and fun.  

A) The full of Classic sense’s Cherry Blossom viewing rickshaw

©日本橋桜フェスティバル(Nihonbashi Sakura Festival)

This year the Nihonbashi Sakura Festival launches the rickshaw service first time. If you want to experiencing be the aristocratic people in the Edo era. While viewing the blooming cherry blossom on the street; cherry blossom viewing rickshaw is the best choice!


** A warm reminder**
24th of March is the originated day of the rickshaw; you can use 200Yen to has a ride. That’s super cheap.


Service Days:
1) From 3/19 (Saturday) to 4/10 (Sunday), every Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays
2) 3/24 (Thursday), 25 (Friday), 4/1 (Friday), 5 (Wednesday) and 6 (Thursday)
  Place: Nihonbashi Muromachi, Yaesu, Ningyo-Cho(Stop at Coredo Muromachi, inf front of Fukutoku Shrine)


(1) Saturday, Sunday and Public holidays: 10,00 Yen per ride
* If you purchased up to 9,000Yen or above at any stores at Coredo Nihonbashi, Coredo Muromachi 1,2 or 3, Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower, you can present your receipts to enjoy a free ride.
(2) 3/25 (Friday), 4/1 (Friday), 5 (Wednesday), 6(Thursday): 2,000 Yen per ride; 3/24 (Thursday): 200 Yen per ride
* Each rickshaw can take up to two persons


B) Around the Sakura viewing hot spots by {『Sakura Bus』

©日本橋桜フェスティバル(Nihonbashi Sakura Festival)  

Get on the free shuttle bus. You can travel around Nihonbashi area, which is surrounded by cherry blossom, in short time comfortably.


Date: From 3/19 (Saturday) ~ 4/10 (Sunday), Saturday, Sunday and 8 days of public holiday, but not running on 4/3
  Place: Each district of the Nihonbashi area
* There are 5 bus stops. They are Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi-mae, Meijiza-Mae, Amazake Yokocho, Nihonbashi Takashimaya-mae and Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit.
  Time: 11:00am ~ 17:00pm
  Operation Vehicle: 1 trackless electric bus
Price: Free of charge


The extraordinary cherry blossom viewing spot – Sakura Stage and projection performance

In addition to the real cherry blossom, there is another unusual cherry blossom viewing spot of this festival that worth to have a look.  

I) Sakura Snow blowing on the Street – Nihonbashi Breeze Alley

Daytime simulated scene (©日本橋桜フェスティバル Nihonbashi Sakura Festival Website)  

This dreamy space is designed by Yoshimi Hasegaw; a famous interior designer of Japan. She uses the countless pink stripes of the short notebook to express the cherry blossom blooming scenarios. Visitors like walk on a fantasy street, which is surrounded by cherry blossom snow, which are blowing in the air. Moreover, At night accompanied with the unique sound effects and the projection performance, which created a gorgeous atmosphere that’s completely different from the day time.


* Warm Reminder*
After taking photo of the venue, please upload the photo to the IG with the tag『#日本橋桜フェス』,then you an go the specially set up COUNTOR to print the photo as souvenir.

Nighttime simulates scene(©Nihonbashi Sakura Festival Website 日本橋桜フェスティバル)  

Nihonbashi Breeze Alley
Date: 3/18 (Friday) ~ 4/10 (Sunday)
Time: 11:00am ~ 23:00pm (Digital display from 17:30 ~ 20:00pm tentative schedule)
Place: Naka Dori Street (Between COREDO muromachi 1 and 2)
Price: Free admission


II) Gorgeous cherry lightening feast -桜ライトアップ (Sakura Light Up)

© Nihonbashi Sakura Festival Website 日本橋桜フェスティバル網頁  

The cherry blossom and pink light are projected on the walls of the Mitsui main building (one of the filming locations of the drama Hanzawa Naoki) and the Coredo Muromachi buildings. This makes the nighttime street looks refined and elegant. You can experience the staggered classic and modern fantasy color.


桜ライトアップ Sakura Light Up
Date: 3/18 (Friday) ~ 4/10 (Sunday)
Place: Mitsui Main Building, COREDO Muromachi 1 and 3, Mitsui Tower and Yuito and so on, and other places along the way.
* Free of charge


『Official Website』
Nihonbashi Sakura Festival:
  As the headline stated, in addition to the visual enjoyment, Sakura festival also provides different kinds of delicious food and exciting events.
More details will be introduced on the日本橋 桜フェスティバル2016 – (Nihonbashi Sakura Festival)- Part 2. Pay a close attention to it!


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