Perfect Combination of Lucky cat and stone, the “Cat Trail” at Onomichi in Hiroshima Prefecture

You cannot imagine how much Japanese love cats! Except those famous cat trails, there are many places in Japan where is related to cats. It’s worth for cat lovers to explore. This time, I would like to introduce an ancient trail called “Cat Trail” next to Senko-ji. There are many lucky cats and the artwork “Blessing cat stone”, which the concept is based on stone, it is the local specialty!

圓滾滾的貓咪石頭,跟真貓相比你會喜歡哪個?  © Which one do like the most, chubby cat stone and real cat? ©

Onomichi in Southeast part of Hiroshima is a popular tourist attraction among the Japanese. It takes around one hour from Hiroshima to here by JR. The main attractions are Senko-ji, Manekineko Museum of Art, Imagawa-chaho and the main theme of this blog – “Cat Trail”! Many camera advertisements and film and television filmed in Onomichi. It is because Onomichi is also known as “City of slope climbing”. Ramps can be found everywhere. Although it is hard to walk, the photo here is so stunning. The Trails and the streets here are so artistic.

尾道市內的斜坡數量非常多,記得參觀的時候穿輕裝鞋子 There are many slopes in Onomichi, it’s better to wear casual shoes when you are visiting.

The Cat Trail is the idea of a Japanese artist called Shunji Sonoyama in 1998. He placed thousands pieces of stone with cute cat painting around the city and most of the stones are placed at the Cat Trail.

隱藏在尾道市各地的福石貓據說一共有1000顆以上 ©

It is said that there are more than 1000 lucky cat stones around Onomichi ©

To access to “Cat Trail”, you can walk from JR Onomichi station and follow the sign to Senko-ji, you will arrive there after a 15-minutes’ walk. You can find the signs in the whole journey. The signs are pretty straightforward. Basically, once you leave the station, you don’t need to worry to get lost. You just need to follow the normal tourist route and you will be able to arrive at the “Cat trail”.

尾道站是相當小型的JR站,出發前最好先在廣島站醫飽肚再去 Onomichi station is a small JR station, it’s better to eat something at the Hiroshima station before going to Onomichi.

千光寺同樣建於斜坡之上,規模不大但建築頗有古時日本風格,建議順道遊覽 Senko-ki is also located at the slope. Although the scale is not large, it shows the ancient Japanese style. It is recommended to visit this place too.

FYI, the manhole covers in Onomichi are very unique!

前往貓之細道的入口處就會看到這隻可愛的黑超石貓 You can find a lucky cat stone with sunglasses at the entrance of the Cat Trail.

The lucky cat stone can be found in everywhere in Onomichi. The color of cat stones are mainly white (tricolor), black and red. White is most traditional color which is for fortune, black is for exorcism and red is for solution of bad luck. They are located in the hidden place in the trail. It is said that there are total 888 cat stones in the trail, when you see them, don’t forget to touch them before taking photo!

紅色的福石貓是最罕見的,見到記得摸摸牠! The red lucky cat stone is the most rare. Don’t forget to touch it when you see it.

初代貓福石!! The first lucky cat stone! It is worshiped as god…

有些福石貓藏在道旁的隱密草叢中,不留心看的話發現不了哦! 隱藏在尾道市各地的福石貓據說一共有1000顆以上 ©

Some lucky cat stones are hidden in the bushes, if you don’t pay attention to the surrounding, you may miss it! ©


If it snows, the outdoor lucky cat stone will look like this! ©

Apart from the lucky cat stone, there are many cats along the trail, and many cafes which use cat as the theme. It’s better to have a slow walk in the Cat Trail, if you feel tired, you can go inside and take a rest, then continue the journey. 雖然沿路都是微微的斜坡走得有點辛苦,但路上也有不少小賣店和Cafe供休憩 Although it’s a bit tired to walk along the slope, there are many kiosks and cafes along the road. ©

Along the Cat Trail, you can see the Manekineko Museum, more than 3,000 lucky cats are exhibited here. There are two levels in the museum and the exterior design is no different with the ordinary cabin. Although it’s quite old, it’s quite unique as being a museum. This is one of the museums I think is worth to visit. The admission fee is 200 yen.

這間招財貓博物館看上去非常古舊(裡面也是……)This Manekineko Museum looks a little bit old (also the inside…)跟常滑市(另一個招財貓出名的地方)相比,這邊的招財貓更古舊的感覺

Compared with Tokoname (Another famous place with Lucky cat, the lucky cats here are more antique.

At the end of the Cat Trail, you can find the Ushitora Shrine. All the lucky cat stones are blessed in this shrine. It is said that this shrine is very efficacious for seeking love. There is a special lucky cat stone in this shrine too. It is said that if you touch its head, your love future can be improved. If you are still single, don’t forget to touch its head!

艮神社不算很大的神社,對於已走過幾十間神社的筆者來說,不特別推薦 ©

Ushitora Shrine is quite small. For me, since I have visited many shrines before, I don’t recommend to visit this place. ©