Lake Toya in Hokkaido – Eruption Ramen and Reclusive Lighting

Lake Toya in Hokkaido – You are right! Today I am going to introduce the famous lakeshore where even the Japanese are attracted by it and the rarely-known reclusive lighting! We departed from JR Sapporo station, took the train towards Hakodate and got off at Station Toya, the whole journey lasted for two hours. Since we bought the Ordinary Car Non-reserved Seating ticket (5250 yen), we had to stand for two hours in the train as it was so full. If you want to secure a seat, it is highly recommended to buy the Reserved Seating ticket, it’s just around 500 yen more.

We arrived at Toya in the afternoon. Firstly, we tried the famous “Eruption Ramen” in the local community. (Since Lak Toya is surrounded by volcanoes with many volcanic eruption records, many local foods use volcanoes as the main theme, it can also reflect the positive side of how the locals face the disaster.)

There are two types of “Eruption Ramen” and they are “Mt. Usu Small Eruption Ramen” (Medium Hot) and “Mt. Usu Large Eruption Ramen” (Hot). Both prices are 995 yen. For safety reason, we finally ordered the “Small Eruption Ramen”.
The ramen broth seems light, but you can still taste the spicy flavor. The secret receipt of the hot sauce with the pickled vegetables, the taste is so fresh, it absolutely stimulates the taste buds! That’s why this ramen is introduced in many tour guide books!

After getting full, we went to the lakeshore and had a walk. Unfortunately, the weather was not so good. It’s always cloudy in this vacation. But when I looked at the lakeshore under this weather, there was a sense of poignancy, seems all the depression was driven away by the lake. (very mysterious, right?)

Although we cannot enjoy the view of Lake Toya under sunny weather, it doesn’t matter! It is because there is an extraordinary view near the Onsen-cho! Right! That is Christmas Lighting!

The photos above are extremely stunning, right? But, the next place we are going to introduce is even more stunning, and this place is Illumination Tunnel. It lives up to the name, it’s a tunnel with full of stars! So amazing! Many families and couples who live near the Onsen Hotels nearby go to this magical tunnel and have beautiful and unforgettable memory of it!




It should be very romantic if we go to this place in snowy day! (in fact, it’s already very romantic at this moment)
Let me announce this hidden world to the world!