Japanese boy band “Arashi” takes you to the latest tourist spot in Kyushu – The path of light

No matter you follow Japan entertainment or not, you should have heard of “Arashi” – a Japanese boy band.

Recently “Arashi” was featured in a JAL advertisement, ever since the advertisement is shown on TV, the attraction spot rapidly became a tourist spot, millions of Japanese flooded the place! What is so special about this place? Is it really worth going? Let’s watch the ad first!  

In the clip the 5 members of Arashi went to a shrine in Fukuoka, that is actually Miyajidake Shrine! This is the first time of Arashi to come here, leading by a group of kids, Arashi found a secret sight – The path of light!


The breathtaking sunset view with the touching background music, plus the 5 members of Arashi voice-over narration, together makes this shrine an “overnight success”.


Several Japanese travellers posted the sunset pictures to Twitter, honestly speaking, the pictures are really amazing, it is worth going to see the view yourself!

Shrine details:
Miyajidake Shrine
Fukutsu, Fukuoka Prefecture 811-3309, Japan
Tel: 0940-52-0016

It is said that millions of fans come to see the path of light because of the TV advertisement.

However not all visitors brought their luck with them, heard that there is only 2 months throughout a year which the sun sets right in the middle of Torii and Sando, and form the perfect path of light. The months are February and October!
(To be more precise, it is the week from 20th Feb and the week from 20thOct)


The shrine hosted a path of light festival in February, as a result, crowd control was taken to manage the large number of people. Moreover, if nice weather is not particularly your friend, forget seeing the sunset then…. Bear in mind; please check the weather forecast in advance.

Besides the path of light, the snack that is sold at the shrine entrance has become very popular after the TV ad showing the Arashi members eating it.


This snack is the Matsukeedamochi rice cake. Those who have been to Dazaifu in Fukuoka, you might have come across the Umegae mochi rice cake. Actually both rice cakes are made in a same way, it is just the shrine symbol is different, here is bamboo, and not plum. The outer layer is rice paper; the inside is red bean, all branded with the shrine symbol bamboo. The Arashi members looked super enjoyable when eating the rice cake, will that make you want to try it too? If you really want to visit the shrine, you can also sit on the red chair and enjoy the rice cake, just like what Arashi did.


Besides the path of light and nice food, this place is famous for boosting your luck in love. This shrine worships the God of love; ladies can give it a try.


Many people have no idea how much should be offered to the gods, actually 5Yen in Japanese sound close to love, that is why 5Yen is enough. The offering boxes gather the power of Love (5 Yen) and hopefully can bring visitors luck.


Moreover, this might be a cherry blossom spot which Hong Kong travellers are not quite familiar with.


Miyajidake Shrine is located in Fukutsu, Fukuoka. First comer can walk along the seaside to get there.

To get there, take JR Kagoshima Line and get off at Fukuma Station, thus walk for 25 mins or interchange to a 5 mins ride taxi. Another option is take Nishietsu bus and get off at “Miyajidake Shrine”, then walk for a while.

From Fukuoka, it takes around 1 hr to get there. It takes less than 50 mins to get there by car from Tenjin Fukuoka.


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