Have you visited the greatest 4 theme parks in Japan?

The Shanghai Disneyland has became the talk of the town recently, although more Disneylands have opened around the world, Hong Kong people still hasn’t lost the interest in going to Tokyo Disneyland. When we talk about theme parks in Japan, below are the greatest 4, have you been to all of them?


Ratings will be provided to help travellers on deciding whether it is worth visiting or not, as the entrance fee of every theme park is quite expensive.




DISNEY LAND:Totally not a stranger to Hong Kong people, guess further introduction is not necessary. The main difference is the size of the park, one day might not be enough!


DISNEY SEA:To the Japanese, LAND is for children, SEA is for adults. Take the monorail train at the LAND entrance, it will take you to the SEA entrance. This year 2016 is the 15th anniversary of the DISNEY SEA, for those who want to get the limited edition of the DISNEY SEA characters Duffy, please move fast.


There are several rides in the park, none is too scary ( as to keep the magical brand image). A piece of advice, get the fast pass of every ride first, then play the ride according to the selected time slot in your fast pass, if everything is well arranged, all rides can be done in a day.


If you are a big fan of DISNEY, you can enjoy the 2-day passport special when staying at the DISNEY RESORT. This special ticket lets you hop between both parks in 2 –day. ( the regular online ticket can only use for 1 day and 1 park)


Ratings: ( 5 stars is the highest)

Family: ★★★★★

Couple: ★★★★★

Friends: ★★★

Best Friends: ★★★★


Universal studio japan (USJ)


Osaka iconic theme park, Hong Kong people should be very familiar with the Harry Potter area. If you are a Harry Potter fan, you cannot miss this, there is the Harry Potter famous “Butterbeer” and the real life Platform 9 -3/4, I believe fans would go crazy. The Harry Potter area required a special pass to get in and there is a specific time to enter the area.

The rides in this park are extreme, for those who is not into adrenalin rush rides would has nothing much to do here. Moreover, all shows are in Japanese and without subtitles, foreigners would go totally clueless.


Want to conquer all the rides plus visit the Harry Potter area and attractions within a day, must get the Express Pass at the park entrance, among which there is the Standard Express Pass which ensure you to get into the Harry Potter area within a specific time. However this Standard Express Pass usually sold out very fast as it is very popular. Another option is, get the Harry Potter entrance pass once you have entered the park, as the tickets usually sold out very soon.


It only takes 15mins wait for a ride if you are holding an Express Pass, otherwise it usually needs to wait for 1-2 hrs. However, all Express Pass are quite expensive, for those who are not into adrenalin rush rides, can totally skip this and just walk around the park and take pictures with Millions, Elmo characters.



Family: ★★

Couple: ★★

Friends: ★★★★★

Best Friends: ★★★


Fuji-Q Highland


It is located in Yamanashi Prefecture, guess it is not as well known as the other four parks. Actually it is quite easily accessible as there are scheduled buses going between Tokyo and the park.


The style of Fuji-Q Highland is close to the Ocean Park in Hong Kong, if you talk to the locals around Kanto, they know quite a bit of the park, actually people considered this as a domestic theme park.


The park featured the almost-vertical slope roller coaster ride and the longest haunted house in Japan. Moreover, with rides like Ferris wheel and merry-go-round plus the Fuji Mountain view as backdrop, this park is suitable to different kinds of people.


As mentioned before, this park is not as famous as the other 3 theme parks, as a result, it is less crowded too. It takes less time to wait for a ride ( except the roller coaster ride mentioned above). In addition, since the park is not huge, one day is right enough. A warm reminder, the entrance fee doesn’t include any rides, yet there are packages which is entrance fee together with rides tickets. If you are not a big fan of thrill, the basic entrance fee is good enough.




Couple: ★★★★

Friends: ★★★★★

Best Friends: ★★



Huis Ten Bosch


It is located in Nagasaki, an iconic theme park of Kyushu. Most people are familiar with the One Piece Boat ( unfortunately the exhibition has ended), better wait for the completion of the full-scale display.


Huis Ten Bosch Park is very large, the park consists of a hospitality area, which includes hotels and cottage villas, there is a Venetian style of transport at the front entrance. The park is decorated in European Holland style, elegant and romantic. The attractions are mainly performances, shows and magical house, very different from the above 3 theme parks.



Family: ★★★

Couple: ★★★★

Friends: ★

Best Friends: ★★★


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