Following a Japanese trip to a secret attraction – Soni Kogen and Akame 48 Waterfalls

I believe that everyone has the same opinion, if you visit Japan enough, you will be bored with the popular attractions and start looking for attraction which lesser people know about. I didn’t have driving license then, I was fully depending on public transports, but in most of the suburb area, if you miss the bus, you might have to wait for 1-2 hours for the next bus, it is very time consuming! Also, some attractions are not reachable by public transport, and it might require some driving. There are so many secret attractions in Japan, how could we just miss it like that? Hence, a friend of mine recommended me some Japanese local tour; the most important part is that transportation is provided, hence my friend and I registered for Soni Kogen and Akame 48 Waterfalls, see below for more!   First step, check out which groups suit you the best, I was registered with the one day return bus trip with this company(日帰りバスツアー): There are many different tours (autumn is the best season for crab cuisine, there is a lot of food tour too~). You can pick your departure point, I picked departure point from Tokyo and headed towards Soni Kogen and Akame 48 Waterfalls: 未命名 (This is just an example for reference)   The registration process is very simple; you just have to fill in your personal details and pay with a credit card, lastly wait for the day to come!   This is a tour which starts at 8 am from Keihan Uji, we arrived early and met the tour guide Mr Takagi, after gathering all the participants, we were ready to go~ (The tour bus is super comfortable, we slept all the way until we reached the destination. Haha)   IMG_8763_副本 The first spot is located at the division between the Mie and Nara Prefecture, Akame 48 Waterfall is known as the Iga Ninja training spot (Official Website: You can take a walk in the forest while watching the waterfall.   IMG_8835_副本 (This is our destination – Sisters Waterfall, small and cute)   IMG_8837_副本 A single trip takes 90 minutes, it was early autumn so we saw red leaves too!   IMG_8789_副本 I was very happy with the attraction!   IMG_8830_副本 Walking in the jungle and enjoying the fresh air, sitting beside the waterfall, it is the best place to enjoy your bento!   After spending three hours here, we headed to the second attraction – Soni Kogen.   IMG_8854_副本 Autumn is the best season for miscantus, and the best place to go in Japan is Soni Kogen!   IMG_8881_副本 Soni Kogen is located in Nara Prefacture, it is famous for miscanthus in Kansai and it is the best match for the beautiful sunset.   IMG_8921_副本 IMG_8923_副本 After watching miscanthus, the trip came to an end. It was my first local tour, I am very satisfied with the overall arrangement. It does not only solve my transport problem, the tour guide – Mr. Takagi was very friendly too, the bento was delicious, I will definitely try out some other local trips again!   I was registered with a Japanese tour, hence the tour was introduced in Japanese. This tour company also provides English/Chinese tour for tourist:   For those who are interested, you can also add 1-2 days with the local tours, experience the Japan tour culture, it will bring you a whole new experience!