Even visit Tokyo you still can see waterfall, eat fresh Tofu. A day trip to Akigawa Valley!

The impression about Tokyo are more about eating and playing, and for people who like the countryside sceneries might be a bit disappointed. I am living in Tokyo and I am so frustrated about where to go during weekend (for not that many things that need to shop! Cannot go shopping on every weekend). Therefore, there are many tour that use 『all within 60 minutes』 as the selling point. These tour are focusing on the day trip within Tokyo, for example the Akigawa Valley day trip that I will introduce is one of the them.


Akigawa Valley is in the deep mountain but it’s not difficult to access. You can take the express train from Shinjuku, then get off at 『Musashi Itsukaichi』. It is a popular weekend outing spot of the Japanese during the summer season. The transportation time is within an hour from Tokyo; then you can enjoy the sunshine and forests. It is not bad to take a day to enjoy the natural and relax after the shopping. If you have sufficient of time, you can consider to staying a night in the mountain to experience the fun of having hot spring in mountain.


Amongst the attractions of Akigawa Valley「払沢の滝」Hossawanotaki Waterfall is the most famous one. It is one of the 100 selected waterfalls, the only one being selected in Tokyo. Take bus at 『Musashi Itsukaichi』to go there, and it takes around 20 minutes. The water of the Hossawanotaki waterfall is very clear. In addition, you can see the pounding power of the upstream and with the natural views around; you feel being a day’s fatigue is completely purified.


At the entrance of the Hossawanotaki waterfall, there is a famous tofu store 『ちとせ屋 / Chitoseya』, this store sell tofu that make of the water from the waterfall source water and the soybeans from Hokkaido. Completely natural and hand made, the tofu has rich soybean taste and very smooth. There are variety of tofu, in addition to soft tofu and firm tofu, and other tofu side products for example the soybean soft ice cream, the tofu donut and so on. Good to have great meal before heading to the waterfall.



In addition to the famous waterfall, Akigawa Valley is so blessed, the water of the streams is so clear. In summer time, you can participate in the activity of finishing trout. There is a famous fishing place 『秋川国際マス釣場 / Akigawa International Mass Tsurijo』(even you are beginner you also can join the activity). Furthermore, there are many wooden bridges for you to visit. If you go Tokyo with family, you can experience the Japanese weekend family outing. Although the timing of this article isn’t right, but if you visit there in autumn, you can enjoy viewing the red maple trees. In winter you can see the ice waterfall. Only an hour away from Tokyo, location wise is very convenient and there are lots of things to see.



Photos and Information source: Tabizine、find-travel



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