Enjoy the peace and leisure of downtown in spring and summer. The best 5 picnic spots in Tokyo

With the end of the cherry blossom season, Tokyo has officially entered the spring and summer season. Many parks in Tokyo have the lawns that were newly grown. Now the weather of Japan is not too cold or hot, the entire May is the best chance for picnic. Whether we want to spend a whole day to do picnic or your just want to spend a short leisure time during your busy schedule. You can take the following 5 picnic spots in Tokyo as reference. They are good picnic spots.


1.Showa Kinen Park

Address: 3173 Midori-cho, Tachikawa City, Tokyo
Transportation: 2 minutes walk from Tachikawa Station (Nishi Tachikawa Gate)
Admission Fee is needed


This park is very suitable for family picnic. There are many facilities for children, different experience activities and flower exhibition. During the flower blooming season, you can see the flower sea, like the photo below is the sea of sunflower. Even you bring children and they won’t feel bored.


You can rent bicycle, there is an exclusive cycling track. In summer, the swimming pool is opened (additional admission fee will be charged), very suitable to do some aerobic exercises before picnic.


When talking about picnic, a big lawn is very important. The lawn of this park is almost the biggest in Tokyo, it can totally satisfy your desire to have a good run on the lawn. Whether lying in the shadow of the trees, or play balls, the park is a very good location for you to get close to the nature in Tokyo.


2.Kasai Rinkai-Koen Park

Address: 6 Rinkai-cho, Edogawa-Ku, Tokyo
Transportation: 1 minute walk from 『Kasai-rinkai-koen』station on the JR Keiyo Line
Admission fee is needed  

To satisfy both your lawn picnic and sea viewing desires, Kasai Rinkai Park is the first choice. You can go directly to the coast of the Tokyo Bay by passing through the bridge from the Kasai Rinkai Park. It is very convenient. The only problem is no tree shadow along the coast that you need to do the sun block before you go there.


Kasai Rinkai Park owns the highest Ferris wheel in Japan; many couples go there for dating. After entering the park, you will see lot of couples there. It is very romantic at evening and night. In addition to the Ferris wheel, the aquariums in the park are also the targets of many couples. This park is the first choice of the young and fresh couples.


3.Yoyogi Park

Address: 2 Jinnan, Yoyogikamizono-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Transportation: 3 minutes walk from Harajuku station on the JR Yamanote Line

It is surprised there are a picnic spots nearby the JR Yamanote line that many Hong Kong people are familiar with. Yoyogi Park is very representative amongst these picnic spots. Its lawn right after the entrance attracts many Japanese to go there for picnic during weekend.


The park is just next to the Meiji Jingu, you can go there to take a rest after visiting Meiji Jingu to let your mind have a good rest a long day.


4.Ueno Park

Address: 3 ikenohata, Taito-Ku, Ueno-Koen, Tokyo
Transportation: 2 Minutes walk from Ueno station on the JR Yamanote Line, Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, or Hibiya Line

Another park that located on the JR Yamanote line. Ueno Park is the cherry blossom viewing hot spot. Even though the cherry blossom season is over, but it is still a good place for picnic. Sometimes you can see the office people who work nearby have lunch there, you realize how convenient of the park it is.


5.Rikugien Gardens

Address: 6 Hon-Komagome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Transportation: 7 minutes walk from Komagome station on the JR Yamanote line/Tokyo Metro Namboku line
Admission fee is needed

It is a Japanese style garden located on the JR Yamanote line. The design of this garden is more sophisticated than other gardens. Inside the garden have the 4 season’s flowers; weeping cherry in April, Lily Alley in May and Red maple leaves in November are also very famous.


Although you cannot have picnic on the lawn like the other four parks being mentioned. But you can bring your lunch box and have it on the bench inside the garden. There is teahouse inside the garden. You can enjoy the Japanese sweets and Japanese tea after lunch.

  Seize the chance to enjoy a leisure day trip while you are travelling in Tokyo.

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