Best place to go after enjoying the color of autumn foliage: Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum

November is coming soon and it’s almost the period of enjoying the color of autumn foliage. The maple cloister at the Kawaguchiko near Mountain Fuji has attracted many foreigner visitors every year because you can enjoy both scenery of autumn foliage and mountain Fuji. Except the visual enjoyment of autumn foliage and mountain Fuji, you can try to feel the Kawaguchiko by hearing. The second place I would like to introduce is the Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum. On that day, I saw many Taiwanese tours, don’t know where the Hong Kong tour is.


Take the Kawaguchiko sightseeing bus from Kawaguchiko Station, get off at the Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum Station. 11140285_10153167191346845_5250396088751119040_n

Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum

After entering the museum, it’s just like entering a mini European town. There are many different kinds of large music boxes. Most of the exhibits are older than the visitors. If you like classical music boxes or classical music, you will have so much fun here. 12191394_10153167191251845_8518618826993409900_n
The no.1 exhibit in the concert hall is the biggest automatic box in the world. More than hundreds music components formed the orchestra classical music. I don’t have much knowledge about classical music, but I was shocked by the huge sound. But observing the moving music puppets was quite fun. Playing music boxes are somehow quite boring, the museum seems notice that already, they add the live performance of sand painting in the museum. There is a performance of Pinocchio with the live music. Sometimes, I had an illusion that I were in Disneyland when they played the music WHEN YOU WISH UPOND A STAR (the theme song of Disneyland).

Sand Painting

This is my first time to see the live sand painting, it’s quite interesting. After the performance, people were very interested in sand painting. According to the sand painter, the sand they used is imported from Australia. I touched that too. The sand was very soft. (This is my bad habit, when I am curious of something, I like to touch it.)
After the end of the performance, everybody rushed and stood in front of the sand painter. 11012802_10153167191376845_3349374686874229602_n

Antique music box

On the other side of the concert hall, there are many antique music boxes from all over the world, some of them are for sale. Since those are antique, the price is quite expensive. When I first entered there, I was attracted by a 2 million yen antique music box…However, I cannot afford it, so it’s better not touch it and quickly ran up to the entertainment hall on the second floor. The theme of the exhibition in the concert hall changes regularly and at that time, the theme was Halloween. The music box in the center of the photo was produced hundred years ago and it was planned to play in the Titanic. However, it could not catch the departure date. Finally, it was replaced by eight musicians and escaped from the disaster. (But the eight musicians….) After reading this introduction, I felt a bit sad.   At the central courtyard, there is 5-minutes musical fountain every hour, the performing puppets are very interesting. 12187833_10153167191301845_4472373513902705536_n The museum is located at a favorable place at Mountain Fuji. In the cafe area, there is a sign showing “Mountain Fuji Lookout Point”. You can enjoy the view of Kawaguchiko and drink tea at the same time like European nobles. If you have interest, you can rent some clothing at the entrance. (In my point of view, the European Palace style is too exaggerated. )   Outside the museum, I looked at the autumn foliage. It seems that late November is the best time for enjoying the color of autumn foliage. (Photo is taken on 2015/10/24) 12144883_10153167191126845_7352031926622213260_n
Autumn and winter are the best time to watch Mountain Fuji. Around Kawaguchi, there are lots of Chinese and Taiwanese. Almost all the attractions have been translated into Chinese. So, you don’t need to worry about the language barrier. After enjoying the color of autumn foliage, go to Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum, take a seat and listen to the music. At the end, take a photo of the nice scenery. 10525800_10152239100451845_6937730776673671311_n