Besides visiting the temples, it is good to stare into the abyss in Kamogawa

Speaking of Kyoto, everyone will think about temples.
This is an unfair assumption of Kyoto, Kyoto would probably feel hurt!

After living for some time in Kyoto, finally I know about this city a little better,
If any of my friends ask me to recommend them some good attractions,
Honestly, I really don’t have any secret spots to recommend to them, but I will recommend they take some time to stare into the abyss in Kamogawa.



Travel writer, Mr. Chen JunWei mentioned in his book ,

that the beauty of Kyoto lies in Kamogawa.

Kyoto always seems so calm to me and the people who live in Kyoto know how to enjoy life,

You will know it when you see that the streets are filled with cafes,

During the holidays, Kamogawa is the best example to show the relaxed side of the people of Kyoto.




Kamogawa stretches a total of 31km, its water is shallow and clear and sometimes you can see different animals come and go,

No matter who it is, you will surely find yourself a comfortable spot at Kamogawa.

Everyone sits around, talking to friends, this is the best activity to spend your holiday on.




Even though Kamogawa is very long, but not all the places are suitable for sitting.

Personally, I would recommend Demachiyanagi and the third or fourth section of the Kamo River.






Demachiyanagi is the at the south of the ShimogamoJinja, this is where the Kamo River started,

The most attractive part is that you can jump around the rocks,

During summer, you see many families and even puppies playing in the water around this area,

This is how Kyoto’s summer are like!




The third, and fourth section of the Kamo River is very close to Gion and Kawaramachi, hence it is very popular too.

Its 100% assured that you can see brazen lovers around this section (smile).



When you are at Kamo River, besides resting next to the river,

I would recommend that you rent a bike and ride along the river,

You will be able to experience life in Kyoto, haha.



Really, if you are getting bored of temples,

Consider having your bento along the Kamo River, it definitely gives you a different Kyoto experience!