All-you-can-eat cherry picking! The Best 5 cherries farms in Kansai enjoy all-you-can-eat and all-you-can-pick at the same time!

Besides going to the park, fruit-picking farms is another popular spot which topped the list of the family activities. Besides the best-known fruit in Japan – Strawberry, farms throughout Japan also offer various kinds of seasonal fruits in different time of the year. Say the coming summer, from May to Sep, is Cherries time! For those who is planning a trip to Japan, do add the fruit picking activity to your itinery and prepare to give your taste buds a real nice treat!

Agricultural Park (Agri Park Ryuo)


Located about an hour drive from Osaka City center, take JR to Omihachiman station, from there change to bus, the bus ride is just around 20mins long and you will reach the park in no time! Agri Park Ryuo is actually stands for Agricultural Park, it offers hands-on fruit picking experiences to visitors. The park is home to a variety of cherries, which include Konatsu Nishiki, Nishiki Sato, Takasago…etc. Takasago is the most popular among the local Japanese. Another uniqueness of this park is, most of the area is roof covered, meaning you can keep the wet away even in the ever changing spring weather!


Since the Agri Park Ryuo is a highly popular fruit picking spot in Japan, better avoid visiting on sat, sun and Japan public holidays, moreover, better reach the park by 9am in the morning. Food wise, besides fruit, BBQ is also available in the park, come and experience a day with the nature!


All-you-can-pick (30mins) : Adult 1800Yen, Child (6 to 11) 1300Yen, Infant (3 to 5) 800Yen
Opening hours : early June – late June
Address: Yamanoune, Ryuo-cho, Gamou-gun

Takashima Agriculture Park


Located in Shiga prefecture too, however this park is a bit further away from Osaka city. 1.5 hr drive from Osaka city center, take JR Kosei Line to Makino stop, change bus from there, bus ride takes about 20mins. Takashima Agriculture Park is very large; you can find a mini golf course, vendors selling Gelato ice cream and agricultural products, highly recommend spending a day here to get away from the daily city life.



The cherries here are categorized as Chinese cherry yet smaller in size and sweeter in taste. Besides, there is a bigger version of Kangoo Cherries. There is a road nearby with Metasequoia trees on both sides, the superb view only makes the fruit picking experience unforgettable!


All-you-can-pick (30mins) : Adult 1200Yen – 1600Yen, Child (6 to 11) 800Yen – 1200Yen, Infant (3 to 5) 500 Yen – 800Yen
Opening hours : late May – late June
Address: Yubinbango520-1834 Shiga Prefecture Takashima Makino-cho Terakubo 835-1

Adachi Sightseeing Farm


Located in Hyogo Asago this farm is even more further away, takes approximately 2 hours from Osaka JR to Wadayama station, from there change to bus, after 10mins bus ride, you are finally there. The 3 cherries gardens are the main attractions of the farm, there are total 18 different kinds of cherries trees for visitors to try, this farm is highly recommended to the greedy ones


The whole farm is roof covered, so visitors are wet-free, please aware that advance booking is needed to visit this farm, phone booking is available only during 6.30pm -7.30pm, we commend visitors seek help from their hotel staff.

  All-you-can-pick (entrance fee) : 1000Yen / person (include 100g tasting)
Opening hours : Early June – late June
Address : Yubinbango669-5225 Hyogo Prefecture Asago Wadayamacho Nomura 191-1

Tamba Cherry Garden


Located in Hyogo as well, around 1 hour and 10 min drive from Osaka, this garden provides over 130 cherries trees for visitors to pick. Though the location of this garden is a bit remote, there are several scenic attractions which are also very worth going after cherry-picking, such as the “ Tamba station village” where mainly sells home made souvenirs, plus the nearby “ Kokuryo Onsen”, suitable for everyone to spend a full day there.


This cherry garden requires advance booking as well, again visitors can seek help from their hotel staff


All-you-can-pick (30 mins) : 1000Yen / person (include 100g tasting, take away is allowed)
Opening hours : early June – mid June
Address : Tamba Kasuga-cho, Inazuka 452
Website :<>br  

Fruit Farm Takemoto


Want to breathe the freshness of nature, there is no place like Nara! Fruit Farm Takemoto is located in Shimoichi of Nara city, around 1 hr and 20 mins drive from Osaka city, get off at Shimoichi station, change to bus and the bus ride is around 7mins, and then you will arrive Fruit Farm Takemoto. This farm uses organic fertilizer only, minimize the use of pesticide and agricultural chemical, the cherries are extra fresh and is better for your health!


This farm is also roof covered, visitors can enjoy fruit picking wet-free. Again, this farm requires advance booking either by phone or by email, visitors can seek help from their hotel staff.


All-you-can-pick (30 mins) : Adult 2000 Yen, Child (6-11) 1000 Yen, under 3 is free
Opening hours : late May – early July
Address : Nara Prefecture Yoshino-gun Shimoichi Tochihara near 2329
Website :a href=””>  

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