After picking strawberries, then go to see the icicle and enjoy the hot spring. Visit Chichibu with Hello Kitty!

By mentioning Chichibu, believe many animation fans have heard of this name. Chichibu city is located in Saitama district, which is nearby Tokyo. Many scenes that occurred on the famous animations are from Chichibu city (believe the most famous one is Unheard flowers). Even if it is not for pilgrimage, Chichibu city’s beautiful suburb landscape attracts many visitors every year.


Chichibu painted Hello Kitty Train

There are many ways to go Chichibu from Tokyo. The most common one is taking Seibu railway from Ikebukruo. To promote Chichibu’s tourism, from 16 January to 27 March’2016 during the Chichibu Winter tourism festival, Seibu railway will launch a special “Chichibu painted Hello Kitty train”. Other than taking the super refine and cute Hello Kitty train, Seibu railway will give a “visit memorial Award” to visitor. That’s a commemorate certificate. In addition, for visitors who go to the designated attractions to collect the memorial badges, they will be given a “Hello Kitty meets Chichibu” limited edition badge.


Ashigakubo Icicles

By riding the Hello Kitty train, you are not only able to enjoy the refine interior decoration of the train; more important is to admire the sceneries along the route. On the way to Chichibu, the train will pass by many mountains and rivers. As the temperature of Chichibu is lower than the downtown of Tokyo, so outside the window, it is not difficult to spot the snow and many streams are turned into icicles. If you have time to get off at Roh Kubo Station, you will see the stunning stalactites-like Icicle, Ashigakubo Icicles, it is one of the『the big three icicles』.


Seibu Chichibu Station Shopping Street

Except admiring the icicle, Chichibu as a small City, it is easy to travel around in one day. Besides the beautiful city sceneries, the must go Chichibu bridge and Shibazakua hill, you can also choice to taste the strawberries, and enjoy the special food like pok miso rice, miso fries in the stores on the shopping street that nearby the Seibu Chichibu station. Of course, if you have sufficient of time, you have to do the strawberry picking!


Strawberry Picking

Chichibu is one of the famous strawberry picking attractions in Kanto region. From January to March is the strawberry picking season, many visitors will go to 『Komatsuzawa Farm』that takes 5 minutes from the Seibu Chichibu stationby car. It is nearby the Yokoze station (need to take free shuttle bus).


『Komatsuzawa Farm』provides many experience activities. The most popular one is the strawberry picking activity that cost 1,300 ~ 1,500 yen and have 30 minutes for you to eat as many strawberries as you can. If you do not want to pick strawberries, you can go finishing, catching bugs, baking, making Udon and so on…. There are many kinds of experiences. If you want to lunch at there, they offer the BBQ course as well. Go and check out at their Website.


Official website:

Chichibu Hot Spring

Chichibu is not only an outing place for local Japanese, its hot spring is also very famous. You need to get off at Youkoe station if you go to Buko Onsen or take taxi from Chichibu station directly. Its spacious outdoor sulfur hot spring has the effective cure function. It’s suitable to enjoy the hot spring after a toil day.


Official Website:

While enjoying the trip, Let’s looking for Hello Kitty at the same time


It’s easy to spend a plenitude day in Chichibu. In addition, Chichibu launched many tourism activities recently. You can enjoy your trip, while looking for Hello Kitty at the same time, and don’t miss the chance to take photos with other mascots! Different performances will be held from time to time before March. If you happen to visit Tokyo lately, it’s the good time to visit Chichibu.


『Information and Photo source: Tabizine & Rooftop』

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