Sea of flowers, the best 5 “stunning flowers fields” in Japan

Spring is just round the corner, besides cherry blossoms there are actually many other flower blossoms spots for travellers! If you are a fan of flower, then you cannot miss the stunning flower fields in Japan. Below are the best 5 stunning flower fields spots, if you by change go to Japan between spring and early summer, do consider paying a visit to the flower fields which is not available in Hong Kong.


As if living in a light blue carpet world, Nemophilas (baby blue eyes) in full bloom


“Hitachi Seasidepark” is located in north of Ibaraki Prefecture; it is one of the few parks in the world that has a large amount of light blue Nemophilas. In every spring and early summer, the nemophilas paint the Miharashi Hills to light blue. It is a world of its own where the blooms, the sky and the ocean are all blue.


Besides Nemophilas, different kinds of flowers blossoms in different seasons, if you take a walk on the hillside, you will feel the magic of flowers. Though the “Hitachi Seasidepark “ looks a bit remote geographically, however, there are direct buses departing at Tokyo Station, Ueno Station and Asakusa Station respectively, it is a 2 hr ride, very suitable for 1-day trip. Click link for details.


“Hitachi Seasidepark” official website:

Is this really Sky Garden? Over 15 million red poppies in full bloom


This year the Chichibu Highland Ranch holds the 9th year Poppies Festival in mid May. To view the red poppies carpet from the top of the hill, admission costs only 200Yen, you then can dance in the wind. If weather allows, you might be able to see the sea of cloud together with the Mountain View. Although the location is a bit remote, yet departing from Tokyo, change to shuttle bus at Chichibu railway “Minano Station” (free shuttle bus only operates on 16th May(sat), 17thMay(sun), 23rdMay(sat), 24thMay(sun), 30thMay(sat), 31stMay(sun)), it is not too inconvenient.


「ポピーまつり実行委員会事務局」Official website:

One of the Japan heritage nightspots, a breathtaking vine curtain


Below I will introduce the world famous “Ashikago Flower Park”, it is one of the world’s top ten tourist attractions.!


One large Wisteria tree is 150 years old and its branches are supported to create a huge umbrella of Wisteria. The color of Wisteria change according to different seasons, starting from red, purple, white and yellow, no color will disappoint you. From mid April to mid May, there is “ The garden of illuminated flowers” night event, let people to witness this wonderful view at night. Not a bad location, if you are departing from Tokyo, just get off at JR Ryomo Line Tomita Station, and walk for 13 mins.


“Ashikago Flower Park” official website:

As if being in the European world, the romantic rose garden


Karuizawa ‘s style is full of European taste; even the rose garden is no exception. Want to live like a European yet with a limited budget, the Karuizawa lake garden is not a bad choice. There are over 400 species of rose, plus the 3500 pcs of roses with different colors, all gather in 8 areas of the garden. In addition, with the European Stonebridge and lake as backdrop, makes the visitors feel like strolling in classic garden, this is a perfect romantic spot for lovers. From 10th June to 18th July, roses are in fill bloom, come and take a walk in the garden and live like a European noble for a day! 64350-12
Karuizawa lake garden official website:

Not only in the Netherlands, the amazing view of 77000pcs of tulips in full bloom!


Besides the rose garden in Karuizawa, Shirako –machi Plaza is located in Chiba, it will host the tulip festival from 2nd April to 10th April. Although the festival is short, yet the plaza features over 77000pcs of different colors of tulips, there are stalls selling flowers, it is a perfect place for flower lovers. Departing from Tokyo, change to bus at JR Sotobo Line Mobara Eki Station East Exit, great for 1-day travel too.


「Shirako –machi Plaza official website:

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