Foot pain after too much Shopping! We selected 4 very best footbath restaurants in Tokyo area for you, so you can “ enjoy good food and foot bath” simultaneously. No more fatigue!

It is freezing cold! The best thing to do in freezing day is go “hot spring”.

Hong Kong has no distinct four seasons. In winter, the lowest temperature is still up to 6, 7 degree (except last week the coldest day in the past 59 years). It’s completely different from Japan. In Japan temperature goes below 10 degree is very common. In snowy days, temperature even goes below 0 degree. At that time, the best thing to do is go “hot spring”!

However, tourist like us only stay a few days in Japan, that not everyone has the chance to go hot spring hotel, or not even have like to go to “Sento/ Public bathhouse”. Then, restaurant with footbath that nearby is the best alternative! Besides enjoying the good food, you can also taking a good rest. The most attractive part is warming your body while eating. I tried once and love it. Believe you will fall in love to it once you have tried. Guarantee that you will not want to leave because it’s too comfortable. In following, I will introduce the very best 4 footbath restaurants to you.

1. フィオーリア アリアブル (Roppongi)


The first one is a footbath restaurant located in Roppongi Tokyo. The biggest selling point of this restaurant is their 25 different theme rooms. People can enjoy Karaoke, dancing etc there. The most popular room amongst those is the one with footbath. You can invite friends to have party, enjoy delicious food there, and can enjoy the footbath when tired. It’s so relaxing by just imagine that!


<< Address>> 4F, 1st -3 Gotoubiru, 5-1-3 Roppongi, Minato-Ku Tokyo
<> [Mondy to Saturday] 18:00pm ~ 06:00am (last order 05:00am)
(Sunday and Public Holiday) 18:00pm ~ 03:00am (last Order 02:00am)

2. ほぐれすと (Okachimachi)

This footbath restaurant is the talk of the town in Twitter especially amongst the women group. This is because except the main service footbath, the food menu is also very popular. This restaurant mainly provides organic food. Try to imagine, while doing the footbath to improve your blood circulation, you can enjoy such healthy organic food. The whole you will become very energetic!




> 3F, T & T Okachimachi Building, 4-8-5 Taito, Taito district, Tokyo
<> 03-6803-2971
<> 11:00am ~ 22:00pm (Last Order depends on each restaurant)
Foot bath opening hour (11:00am ~ 21:00pm)

3. KAIONA TOKYO(Omotesando)


The next, we will introduce Kaiona Tokyo, a restaurant with very trendy decoration. This restaurant has the big windows and high ceiling. You will not have the suppressive feeling while dining in. On second floor is their signature footbath. You can enjoy the footbath in a spacious area and chitchat with friends. What an enjoyable experience in a lifetime.



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4. カシュカシュ カフェ(Omori)


Footbath Café provides light meals, which is located at the center of the city. You can stop by and take a rest from your busy daily life. Make your order in the Café next to the footbath, then, you can enjoy your footbath while waiting for the meal. The staff will bring the food and drink to you, you can keep chatting with friends.