The top 10 Apps that you need to have before travelling to Japan!

Travel Apps come in handy when you are traveling, whether its touring information or maps, you can get it through the apps.
Useful Apps are very helpful for traveling. Today we are going to introduce to you the top 10 Apps that you need to have before traveling to Japan!


There are too many railway lines in Japan and it can be very complicated. In order to avoid getting lost, remember to get a railway app on your phone!

NAVITIME for Japan Travel


This is a famous navigation app for foreigners. It has all the information you need, even the walking direction from the station to the destination.

This app is equipped with 4 million locations in Japan, which include the attractions, ATMs, money changers and etc. Besides that, it also supplies you the information in regards to car rentals, money changers, and recommended attractions and so on. It is definitely the most recommended app!

Point to point navigation
Transfer point on the map
Tourist information
Japan Travel Tips

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Supported language: English
Supported OS: iOS,Android
Official Website


JAPAN RAILWAY MAP (Marugoto Rosen Map/まるごと路線MAP)

The railway maps in the big cities are very complicated. Even if you have the transfer App, sometimes you might not able to find the information due to bad connections. At time like this, you will need JAPAN RAILWAY MAPs! This app can be used even when offline! Besides transfer methods, it also includes offline maps for Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka. Without any connection, you can still use this app to navigate your destination.

Supported language: Japanese, English
Supported OS: Only for iOS
App Store


Google Maps


This is a well-known app and it is very popular in Japan. Log in to the places you want to go, and you can walk to your destination while looking at the map.

Supported language: Any language
Supported OS: iOS,Android
App Store
Google Play

Food and beverages

Eating and drinking is a must for traveling in Japan. There are too many delicious foods to pick from. Today we are going to introduce to you the Top 2 food and beverages app in Japan.

Tabelog (食べログ)


It is the largest restaurant review website in japan. Most of the Japanese check out the reviews from this website, and decide where to dine. It can help you to search for near-by restaurants; it is very convenient for food lovers!

Most of the restaurants with 3.5 stars and above are guaranteed to be delicious! If you can input Japanese characters, you can also help to leave some review for those restaurants that you have visited. However, the app version only provides Japanese, but on the desktop site, there is an English, Chinese and a Korean version.


Supported language: Japanese (desktop site has English, Chinese and Korean)
Supported OS: iOS,Android
App Store
Google Play
Official Website





GURUNAVI is one of the largest navigation website in Japan, it includes almost all the restaurant information. The different between GURUNAVI and Tabelog is that, Tabelog mainly focuses on reviews, while GURUNAVI is the main source for information.

From this app, you will be able to find out if the restaurant is full, is there any coupons or good deals! You can also make a reservation via this app, if you found any must-visit restaurants; you can make your reservation right away! Most of the people would use both apps together: check the reviews on Tabelog and find the right coupon from GURUNAVI

Supported language: English, Chinese and Korean (Desktop site has Japanese and English)
Supported OS: iOS,Android
App Store
Google Play
Official Website

Related to Internet

There are many useful apps and website for travelling in Japan. In this article, we have introduced the useful apps for transport and food, in next article, we will introduce more apps on tourism, conversational and support!

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