The 10 most useful Apps that “MUST” download before your Japan trip (Second Part)


Travel App is been widely used. You can search travel information or get any map easily by using the App. With the help of these useful apps you can travel with fun.

This time we will introduce 10 Apps that you can pre-install before your trip to Japan that definitely help to ease all your worries during travel.

Last Time we had introduced 5 Apps, and now we are going to introduce other 5 Apps in the second part. (Please click here if you want to review the first part) ~

Language Category:

Language barrier is almost inevitable when travelling.

In Japan, there are not too many people can speak English or Chinese. It’s difficulty for tourist to communicate with Japanese sometimes. Therefore, let us introduce App that can help you out.



This App can translate Japanese to English.

Enjoy good food is one of the must things to do in Japan. To make order, you need to understand the Menu first. Some of the restaurants start offering the English Menu but still not too many of them in Japan.

If you do not understand what’s written on the Menu, then you are not able to make your order. At that moment, you need this App!. While you click on this app, it turns on the camera on your phone automatically to prepare reading the text. Move your camera and Focus it on the menu with the Japanese text, the app will translate those texts into English. Having this app, all Japanese menus are not that difficult to understand. In addition, this App can recognize the pre-installed Chinese characters that can be used off-line. Then you don’t need to worry even you are disconnect during travelling. With this, you do not need to worry about the Japanese language barrier anymore.


Support Language: English

Support OS: iOS, Android

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⇒ Google Play

Official Website


Travel Guide Category:

There are number of travel guide Apps in the market. Now we are introducing 2 of them!



This App uses cartoon to introduce the Japanese culture and tourist attractions.

The cartoon is about Ms. Green, the main character of the story, she works for a travel agent and her job is to introduce the Japanese sightseeing places, special activities, traditional culture, history so and so to Japan tourist. If you imagine you are one of the characters, you can even experience tourist places that you have never been to.

Furthermore, how to use the train, the correct way to eat Sushi, how to use the multi-functional Japan toilet etc.. Useful tips for travelling in Japan are all introduced by cartoon. It is very helpful to people who are visiting Japan for the first time.


Support Language: Japanese, English, Chinese

Support OS: iOS, Android

⇒ App Store

⇒ Google Play

⇒ Official Website


Dig Japan

Dig Japan

This app has lots of information regarding travelling in Japan.

This app almost has all the information about traveling in Japan. The major cities’ tourist attractions, dinning recommendations, souvenirs, fast food restaurants, Japan History, Wi-Fi spots, ATM machines, Hotels so and so, that you can search all of them by using this app.

With this app you an easily get the coupon of the restaurants, Shopping malls and Museums. When using the coupon, you only need to show the digital coupon on your phone. In addition, the travel information will be updated in the light of the change of seasons and locations. It even can display content that accordance to different nationalities and interests on the social networking website. This app will surely make travel in Japan becomes more convenient.

Ms Green screenshot

Support Language: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Thai

Support OS: iOS, Android

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⇒ Official Website

Culture Category:

Let us introduce an App, which promote the Japanese Otaku culture.

Tokyo Otaku Mode mini


This App uses English to publish the Japanese Otaku culture News.

Japanese Otaku culture is the representative of the unique Japanese culture.

You can get the latest news of the animation, cartoon, music …etc from this app. The latest news of the animation, art, Cosplay activities, Figure etc are all categorized to let you fully enjoy the Otaku culture. If you’re interested in the Otaku culture, you should use this app to have all the latest information before you visit Akihabara in Tokyo.


Support Language: English

Support OS: iOS, Android

⇒ App Store

⇒ Google Play

⇒ Official Website

Communication Category:

Instant message App is widely used by people all over the world.

Now we are introducing the most common IM App in Japan.



Guess all of us know about LINE. (smiling)

Basically all Japanese who has the smart phone know how to use LINE. Different countries or regions use different communication apps , for instance, WhatsApp, Kakao, Talk, Viber so and so. The mainstream App in Japan is LINE. Pre-installed LINE before your trip to Japan; you can exchange the contact with your new Japanese friends that you meet during travelling.


Support Language: Japanese, English, Chinese, others

Support OS: iOS, Android

⇒ App Store

⇒ Google Play

⇒ Official Website

Internet Related:

There are many useful Apps and websites available, we have introduced the transportation and dinning categories in the first part.Here we have introduced the tourist attractions, communication and backup types of Apps. Hope they are helpful to you.

It’s a must to connect to the network if you want to use the App or Website but public free Wi-Fi is still not popular in Japan that’s very inconvenient to tourist.

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