Super Low Price! Shopping, eating at one stop, the popular outlets that must go in Japan. (Kansai)

No matter you are born shopaholic or not. You simply cannot come back from Japan with empty-handed. Even you can do shopping everywhere in Japan, but compare to the big departments or shopping streets. Believe many people still prefer to shop in outlets. This is because outlet has many shops at one location, and many brands have their own factory outlets there. Whether the famous brands or the cheap chain-store labels, their price is much lower than the normal stores in general. If happen it’s the change of season or on-sale period, it’s really effortless to buy the cheap stuff in Outlet.


The most important thing about an Outlet, of course, is its size and the number of stores inside. Other than that the outlet’s location, environment, decoration and design, number of restaurants and so on are attributes to judge is it a good outlet or not. If you plan to visit Kansai region lately and your companions are young ladies who love shopping so much, you can consider to visit the following 6 Outlets that close to Kansai. Lets enrich your shopping itinerary!


The biggest! Mitsui Outlet Park Shiga Dragon King


Mitsui Outlet belongs to a famous Japan OUTLET group. You can see them everywhere in Japan. Amongst them, Mitsui Outlet Park in Shiga of Kansai is the biggest. It has more than 237 shops inside. Its location is a bit far away from the popular tourist city Osaka, but the number of shops there will not disappointed you. The popular designer brands include Kate Spade, Coach, UGG Australia, EMU, Zara and so on all have their own factory outlet stores there. In addition to fashion clothing, the outlet also has many cosmetics, children and sport brands for you to make a purchase. The restaurants also provide the famous Omi Beef, Kanazawa rotating Sushi and so on for your selection. It’s not a problem to spend a full day in the outlet.


Though its location seems very far away, but on public holiday, Osaka, Kyoto both have direct bus to there. The round-trip from Kyoto to there costs only 1,500 Yen, from Osaka to there is around 2,800Yen. Please go and visit their official website for more details.

Official website:

Have most designer brands – Kobe Sanda Premium Outlets


Another popular outlet is the Kobe Sanda Premium Outlets, believe the travel guidebook that you have on hand has also introduced this outlet. This outlet is located in the suburb of Kobe. It has more than 220 shops and has number of high fashion brands, for instance, Gucci, Ferragamo, Prada, Miu Miu, Botega Veneta, Kate Spade and so on. If you want to buy a designer bag, you must go there. Except plenty stores for women, inside the outlet also has Lego land, BEMAS, GAP, and big electronic stores and so on. Your husband and kids won’t get bored.


However, Sanda Premium Outlets is at a remote location. If you want to get there more conveniently, you can take the direct bus from the station like Namba, Tennoji and Kyoto.

Official website:

Closest to the Airport It is most convenient for taking morning flight or night flight. Rinku Premium Outlets


If talking about the outlet that most tourists must visit, then it must be the Rinku Outlet in Izumisano, which is just one stop away from the Osaka International Airport. The outlet has around 210 shops, not as many as others. However, its location is super good. You should plan your shopping before back to Hong Kong, so you won’t purchase lots of stuff too early, then carry them all the way. This outlet also have many high fashion designer brands, for instance, Gucci, Ferragamo, Armari, kate Spade and so on. They also have Wedgwood, Royal Copenhagen and so on high quality kitchenware stores, and number of Children clothing stores. It’s suitable for family members to do shopping there before they get on the plane.

Official Website:

The best Scenery Mitsui Outlet Park


As a member of the Mitsui Outlet Group, this Mitsui Outlet Park at Tarumi station has round 133 shops. Its size is way smaller than the three outlets that we mentioned above. However, its location is not so far away, from Sanomiya to there only take 15 minutes by car. This outlet has most of the brands, like Coach, united Arrows, Diesel, Beams and so on. The choice is not so limited actually. In comparison to above outlets, the selling point of this Mitsui Outlet Park is its view along the coastal. You even can see the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge from distance. In addition, the open space European style design is also very comfortable. The outlet has a seafood school. You can let your children to join the sea salt making and seaweeds making classes, while you’re shopping. Then you don’t need to worry the kids will get bored.

Official Website:

A choice to avoid Tourist Kishiwada Bayside Mall

Kishiwada_CanCan_BAYSIDE_MALL_Osaka_pref_Japan02s3If you tired the crowded outlets, this Bayside Mall at Kishiwada let you experience the pleasure of leisure shopping. Kishiwada Bayside Mall is also very close to the Osaka International Airport. From the station, it only takes 10 -20 minutes by walk. On the way, you can enjoy Kishiwada’s small town sceneries. Bayside Mall only has 106 shops and they are not focus on the big brands but the second-tire brands instead. They are mainly selling the local Japanese brands like the well-known brands, ABS Mart and Kojitsu Sanso. Bayside Mall has cinema and it’s along the coastal. As its name speaks for itself, Bayside Mall is a good choice to take a walk along the coastal, eating and shopping.

Official website:

Most convenient in the city Mitsui Outlet Park Osaka Tsurumi


Last but not the least, now we will introduce the smallest Mitsui Outlet Park. It is located inside the Osaka city. It’s suitable for people who do not have sufficient of time but still want to visit the outlet. It can be easily accessed by walk from the Kadoma South station of the Osaka underground. There are only 56 shops in it. However, its Tsurumi area is focus on environment protection and green stuff, inside this area there are many shops selling the natural or sport related products. This includes a big floral store… Of course, in term of the size, it more likes a shopping mall than an outlet, but it has the mass brands like G-shock, crocs, Reebok, Nick and so on. They are all popular in the young generations. If a group of young people visit Osaka and do not want to spend too much time in outlet. It’s good to arrange to go there at night. It’s super convenient.

Official website:

In addition to the Kansai region, there are many good outlets in the Kanto region as well. However, as we have limited web space, we will save the Kanto article and introduce to you next time.

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