Move your body while shopping; Morinomiya Q’s mall in Osaka is very special!

Osaka Castle and Osaka Castle Park are one of the must-see attractions, but at most only half a day is spent exploring the main attractions, if you have some time left, you could consider visiting the new Q’s Mall next to the Osaka Castle!


Morinomiya Q’s mall is located next to the JR Morinomiya Station and the Morinomiya Subway, it is opposite Osaka Castle Park, it is easy to find!


Q’s mall is not very big, but it is based on an environmentally friendly concept, it is a very unique mall.

Morinomiya Q’s mall is 3 minutes walking distance from the Morinomiya Station, one of its main features is that it has a running track in the middle of the mall, anyone can enjoy a free run on the circular grass track on the 3rd floor, enjoy the excitement of running up in the air while waiting for your friends who love shopping, enjoy the fresh air and sunny day in the city.


The running track is located on the 3rd floor of the mall, there is also a fitness centre that provides gym room and night yoga classes, anyone who is interested can join their classes.


There are a total of 3 track lanes, the two inner lanes are used for running, and the outer lane is used for slow walking.


Husbands can spend some time generating new ideas while waiting for their wives who enthusiastically shop in the mall.


The running tracks are surrounded by high rise building, it is very different.

The Morinomiya Q’s mall emphasizes on nature, greenery and sports, the mall is built based on an open space concept where you can see many plants and other vegetation. The mall also works with the cafes and sport stores to organize themed events, there are a lot of locals who love spending family time at the mall, they would even bring their pets. The mall also offers nursery services and it is also equipped with many facilities for children (such as trains and wall climbing for children), if you are bringing your children along, this is a good place to go.


In the middle of the mall, there is an open field which provides a place for families to play and rest.


There are always events on the stage, mostly focuses on children.

Even though Morinomiya Q’s mall is not very big, and it is not known as an Outlet, but the decoration and the type of stores in the mall give it an Outlet “feel”. There is a GAP Factory Store which often has discount, together with other clothing store (mainly ladies wear), 100 Yen store and drug store, there is many restaurant nearby too, if you planning to spend half a day in here, it would be just nice!


Here is the recommended GAP Factory Store on the 2nd floor.


ABC Mart in the mall.


If you are tired of walking around, take a rest in the café or ice-cream store.

Morinomiya Q’s mall is not a hot attraction (it is relatively new), there is no branded store, most of the stores are those common brands, if you intend to buy some luxury goods, it is best to visit department store near Umeda area. However, if you want to enjoy some leisure time in an Outlet style mall, do some workout while your friends are doing shopping, Q’s mall will be the best place to go.