100 Yen store products are cheap and yet good. Girls cannot miss this 2106 Spring Cherry blossom series product introduction.

When March starts, all products will have the spring limited edition. Cherry blossom is one the major themes. Hong Kong people are very familiar with the 100 Yen store. Recently the design of the product is more and more lovely and beautiful. The spring cherry blossom series of products, SAKURA COLLECTION, being launched by DAISO is so irresistible to girls. Oh, they are so cute!


Sakura Nail Sticker

First, this product makes me want to scream! Currently, it is popular that the Japan television and magazines teach the girl how to use the cheap and simple products to do the GEL nail at home. Loft and 100 Yen’s products are always mentioned and introduced. This time DAISO launches the cherry blossom nail sticker, which looks very gorgeous. For people who want to design their own, they can buy the individual sticker one by one, but for those who can’t stand the troublesome, they can buy just a sheet of the nail sticker.


In spring, no gloves are needed. It is good to make your nails looks gorgeous. Hurry up, to get your nail done so to admire the cherry blossom.


Sakura Photo Frame Set


The photo covers are decorated with printed cherry blossom frame. It’s decorated so can put the photo into the cover directly. Print the photo, put it into the cover, then it’s ready to give it to friend as a gift. One pack has 15 covers.


Sakura scent hanging pack, Scent oil


You can hang the cherry blossom shape hanging scent pack at the entrance, inside the wardrobe and so on. Bring the spring to home. Frankly speaking, I bought the scent products from the 100 Yen store before, the scent didn’t last for long (You get what you pay for), but the outlook of this scent hanging pack is so cute.


Sakura scents candles and candle cup


On the left is the candle cup that I bought home without second thoughts. I don’t have the habit of using candles. However, this silver and pink metal combination and it’s eye-catching to use the cup to store the little things. Since already bought the candle cup, then lets bought the cherry blossom candles as well. 1 box has 4 small one and 2 big one. Both can be put inside the candle cup.


At rear are the artificial flowers, which are just fine for our photo shooting. Overheard the high school girls next to us want to buy those flowers for photo shooting.


Sakura Printed cotton bag


There are 3 cherry blossom printed fabrics. On the back of the packing, which has the steps to guide customer how to make the cotton bag. It’s highly recommended to use the bag for snacks or for your personal belongs.


Fan-shaped Sakura Memo Paper


Even thought I have piles of memo paper at home, when I saw this fan-shaped memo, I couldn’t help to buy it. Fan-shape plus Sakura is a complete Japanese style design, girls must love it.


Sakura Card, Letter Paper


Girls have zero resistance to card and letter paper sort of things. Since March is the graduation season in Japan, it is good to write down the blessings on the card or letter paper, and give them to teachers and classmates before farewell them. The blooming cherry blossom naturally is a good design inspiration.


Sakura Patterned disposable tableware


Japanese like to do flower admiring in the park with a big group of people and drink and eat there. Disposable tableware is needed when there are lots of people. Japanese even do not left off these disposable tableware and cups; they printed the cherry blossom pattern on them. Picnic becomes more popular in Hon Kong, why don’t buy this disposable tableware for flower admiring or picnic? There are small bowls for food, they to be put inside the lunch box. Lets put the cherry blossom inside the lunch box.


The product above costs less than 10 HKD per item. Hurry up, let’s go to Japan’s 100 Yen store and buy all these products back home.


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