What is a Tokyo SHAREHOUSE? Another option for those who want to stay longer in Japan~~

Living expenses in Tokyo is relatively high, it has the highest house rental in Japan, if you want to stay in Tokyo and have access to public transport, and one of your best option is a SHAREHOUSE.


You will be able to find all kinds of Tokyo SHAREHOUSE on the web. Today, let me explain some keywords which are often used in looking for a SHAREHOUSE.

  1. Area

Japanese housing price depends on the area and the distance to the nearest train station. Especially those area near the Yamanote Line, the rental would be more expensive if compared to other areas. Places like Meguro and Asakusa are known as the high-end area by the Japanese, the SHAREHOUSE in these area are not cheap. SHAREHOUSEs in Saitama and Chiba are much cheaper.


It is best to find out the area you always visit, for example the school area or working area, try to find a SHAREHOUSE in these area (can save on transport expenses), if there is no room available or the rental is too expensive, then only you look into those area which is near to train station.

  1. Price

Pricing is one of the important elements in selecting a SHAREHOUSE. Renting a house in Japan, can be categorized into initial expenses and monthly rental.

Initial expenses includes the initial deposit (deposit will be return if there is no damage during the moving out process), admission fees (no return), referral fee (for real estate compare), cleaning fees and insurance, it would cost you about 200,000 Yen.

Most of the SHAREHOUSE will exclude deposit and admission fee, even you are refer by a real estate company, it can be reduce until below 100,000 Yen, this is why most of the Japanese would rather to stay in SHAREHOUSE.

Monthly Rental is the amount that you need to pay to the landlord for every month, there is also a Common Fee in the SHAREHOUSE。

Common Fee include daily necessities, utilities and management fees, usually it is an additional of 10,000 – 20,000 Yen.

Take the houses near Yamanote Line as an example, average monthly rental together with common fee ranges from 60,000 to 70,000 Yen, the average area cost is about 40,000 – 50,000. With the same price, you can find an individual room in the Shitamachi area.

  1. Room Type

SHAREHOUSE can be categorized into individual and shared room.

For individual room, you will have your own room, it is more suitable for those who like to have their own space. An individual room in Tokyo SHAREHOUSE is about 4-5 square meters, you will have a place for your to sleep, a shared toilet and kitchen.


For sharedroom it usually shared among 4-6 persons, each will be provided a bed, and it is like a youth hostel, suitable for tourist or short term stay.


  1. Type

Most of the SHAREHOUSE is a combination of 6-10 rooms, it is very systematic, and there are more people who manages SHAREHOUSE in Tokyo.


There are many types of SHAREHOUSE, some of them are looking for people to share the rent and some rent out while they are away. For these individuals SHAREHOUSE, it is best to deal with the landlord or tenant directly, most of the time it would save you many different type of initial fees; the down side is that, it requires you to do house chores on a schedule, it is best to discuss the details with the tenant or landlord before moving in.


If you are planning to stay in Japan for more than a year and want a space of your own, maybe you can look for a single unit, the initial expenses might be slightly expensive, but divided by 2 years, it is quite worth the price. For SHAREHOUSE, even though you will get to meet new people, but if you meet a bad tenant it would be troublesome for you, it takes you some luck looking for a good SHAREHOUSE.


In addition to that, SHAREHOUSE usually based on a one month contract, and it also depends on the landlord who might request you to move out in the given period, you have to be prepare at all time.


Above is the recommendation on SHAREHOUSE in Tokyo, good luck in looking for one.