Visit the bears in Hokkaido

In the last post, besides the famous LakeToya and secret latern decoration in Hokaido (check out the post: Lake Toya in Hokkaido – Fire Ramen and Lantern Decoration), there is also one popular attraction in Hokkaido – Showashinzan Kumabokujo(昭和新山熊牧場).

Lake Toya is famous for its tourist attractions, even though there are not many residential areas, but in a small area like this, it is filled with hot spring hotels and souvenir stores. If you are here to visit Lake Toya, hot spring hotels are your only option for accommodation. It is only 15 minutes from Showashinzan Kumabokujo, taxi fare would cost about 2000 Yen.

If you are planning to take a cab, just ask for cab service at the reception counter, they will arrange it for you and the taxi will arrive in front of the hotel in just 15 minutes! If you are lucky, the staff might arrange a Japanese driver who can speak English, they are super attentive!

If you don’t want to take taxi, you can also take the Konan Bus, it is very easy to get to the Konan Bus Terminal, pay attention to the route because based on the timing, it might not got to Showashinzan Kumabokujo!


Showashinzan Kumabokujo is not very big, hence the admission fee is relatively cheaper if compared to other farms. Before you go into the farm, you will have to walk through the souvenir store, you can purchase the admission ticket in the store. Adult tickets are 850 Yen, Group Tickets are 750 Yen per person. Before heading to the farm, you can check if the hotel offers coupon to Showashinzan Kumobokujo, sometimes they might have a better deal for the farm admission and the Usuzan Cable Car, it could save you a 100 Yen, the same price as a group ticket!


In addition, if you want to feed the bears, you can buy some cookies at the counter to feed them, each packet cost only a 100 Yen each! Each packet comes with 10 small cookies, if you want more, there are vending machines in the feeding area. Tourist are allowed to feed the bear from a higher platform, remember to throw the cookies to the bear you like~!

(I didn’t manage to get the right skill; most of my cookies were thrown into the pool Q_Q)


This bear is posing waiting for his snack! \ _ /


Most of them are very smart and they know how to “beg” for food from the visitors.


What pose is this? (smile)


Bear: Bye-bye ~ Bring some cakes on the next visit~ (smile) Official website: