Let’s bike together and make a wish on the train trail!

Many couples have imagined that participating in the summer festival with their partners, holding hands in the firework festival, having a hot spring trip in Hakone, kayaking in Arashiyama near Kyoto. But many people have been visited these places. So, today, I am going to introduce a new place, hope that it will bring you some fresh feeling. There is an old Kamioka railway located at Nagoya in Gifu Prefecture. It is located at Okuhida Onsen station. You cannot find any amusement park and shopping hall, and hot spring is the only thing you can find here. So, why is it special?

Okuhida Onsen is a pretty place, especially in winter©Bong Grit

The old railway©inazakira

  When you look closer, you can find many bikes on the rail. After the abandonment of the railway, there is a rise of “Rail Bike”. The modified bikes attracts many people to come and challenge this activity, especially the young couples.

Further away, people are shuttling in the woods.©ガッタンゴー

  Don’t underestimate this bicycle journey, the total length of the railway is 2.9km, so it’s almost 6km for return. Besides, most of the bicycles are linked with linked in two. Although girlfriend may sometimes be lazy, it’s still take almost or at least 60 minutes to complete the whole journey. It’s quite energy consuming. Though it is quite challenging, you can experience the cherry blossom in spring, the coolness and the colorful leaves in autumn. It’s hard to find a place with both romance and profound anywhere else at the same time.

When I look back, I found that I have come a long way already.©ガッタンゴー

  Going through the tunnel and looking at the mountain and the view far away are so memorable. But please note that since it is very dark in the tunnel, remember to turn on the light and don’t stop over as there is no other means of transport to return. So, though it is a different kind of enjoyment, it’s also a challenging test. Also, for your safety, the Japanese are so considerate to prepare a helmet for everyone. Don’t attempt to take off the helmet. Ladies, you still look cool even you are wearing safety helmet!   LOL. Are you ready to pack your luggage and go to have a rail bike in the coming maple season? Hm… Let me give you some more tips!

There are two types of bicycles in the photo, which are variable speed bicycles and electric bicycles.©inazakira

Firstly, there are two types of bicycles which are variable speed and electric bicycles, both prices are less than HKD150. The minimum number of people is two, but in order to promote family fun, they have 5-seats bicycles and bicycles with seats for people to choose. So, the elderly and the kids can enjoy at the same time. Are you ready? Hold his or her hands and start this memorable journey together! Address: 1327-2 Hida, Gifu Prefecture