Ladies Much Go! The 5 『Beauty Hot Spring』 that make you be a beauty.

Hong Kong’s winter almost comes to the end, but in Japan the cold weather is still going on. Japan is drier than Hong Kong, but you have never seen the Japanese girls have dry skin. This is not just because they use the good quality skincare products, but of course, it gives credit to the hot spring that Hong Kong people are always envious! Japan has many hot springs the number almost like the stars in the sky. The most popular 『Beauty Hot Spring』amongst the girls is the one can turn their skin into super silky. In early 2016 on Mina’ December Issue which already published the Japan national 『Beauty Hot Spring』which is recommended by Japan beauty researcher Ishii Hiroko. Now let’s review the top 5 together.

1.Miyagi – Naruko Hot Spring

Hot spring has the sulfur component, which can improve the blood circulation and speed up the metabolism these are good to the skin. The most special thing about the hot springs in Naruko is its water, which starts in transparent green, then changes into white gradually. This mysterious water attracts many women to visit there!


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2.Shimane – Tamatsukuri Hot Spring

This is a very famous hot spring in Sanin district and it is also called 『God’s Hot Spring』. The hot spring water has the skin moisturizing function, it’s a highly recommended 『Beauty Hot Spring』by many women. In addition to the beautiful scenery, here also have the outlook hot spring and the low temperature sauna for women only. 『Garden of Hot Spring』, at the center of the hotel, has the foot bath and hand bath for your feet and hands. These hot springs are also very popular.


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3.Nagano – Takamine Hot Spring

Also famous of it’s sulfur hot springs. Another selling point of this hotel is their outdoor hot spring, which can see thousands of stars in the sky. This hot spring has 2,000 meter altitude high, so if visit it in winter, visitors have to take the dedicated snowmobile. Though it is a bit inconvenient, but it all worth when you look at such superb view. The hot spring water that directly from the source of the hot spring is relatively in lower temperature, but they also has the heated hot spring water. Wash the body with these two different kind of hot spring water alternately, not only can ease your fatigue, but also can help to lose weight effectively.


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4.Akita – Nyuto Onsenkyo

Believe many people have heard of this hot spring city. 『Taenoyu』is a very famous hot spring hotel in Nyuto Onsenkyo. Nyuto Onsekyo have 7 different hot spring hotels (Tsurunoyu, Taenoyu, Kuroyu, Ganiba, Magoroku, Ogama, Kyukamura), each of them has their own nature. You have to do hot spring there if you have the chance.


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5.Kumamoto – Kurokawa Hot Spring

The sulfur hot springs here are definitely an upgraded version. Their carbon acid salt hot spring can help to reform the skin, and their sulfur salt hot spring can help to preserve the moisture of the skin. Both are superb good to the body skin. In winter, they have the special hot springs lighting, which is very pretty.


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