15 mins walk from Umeda to witness a precious friendship between a cat and an owl – Hukulou Coffee

© Hukulou coffee’s official facebook page

Hukulou coffee was originally an owl coffee shop, which is located in Nakazakicho, Osaka. The coffee shop has added a couple of cats’ residents in recent years, since then this place has become a cat and owl coffee shop. Fuku the owl and Marimo the kitten are the superstars of the coffee shop, together they made Hukulou coffee a popular coffee shop.

A super popular couple – cat and owl

© Hukulou coffee’s official website

Little kitten Marimo was brought here in the coffee shop by his owner ever since he was born, that was how Marimo met Fuku the owl. Can cats really get along with owls? You will get the answer from Marimo and Fuku. The two always stick together, they even kiss each other sometimes, how would this lovely pair not attract customers, they already have been featured in various Japanese pets magazines, even the photographer Kenta Igarashi has published a photo book of these two cuties.

© Hukulou coffee’s official facebook page

Kenta Igarashi is a well –known cats photographer, his work “ Jumping cats” has captured the jumping moments of cats. “Fuku to Marimo” captured their daily moments, let their fans have a better understanding of their daily lives. Both books are being kept in the coffee shop, please feel free to read them if you visit the place.

Many cats to keep you company

4 © Hukulou coffee’s official website

Besides the superstars Marimo and Fuku, there are many other cats that you can play with and keep you company. The day I went there Muton was lazily lying on the couch, I surely didn’t slip the chance of playing with him! Besides the seven cats up there, there are four baby cats on the first floor, don’t forget to visit them.



Although Hukulou coffee is a coffee shop, since the chef is constantly out of town, no food will be served, people go there mainly for the little pets, self-served drinks are included in the admission fees.
Nakazakicho is actually located right next to Umeda, it is just a 15mins walk from the red ferris wheel mall – Hep Five, or just one metro stop. Nakazakicho is very different from Umeda, there is no huge shopping malls, yet it is a quiet area with a few stylish small shops. If travellers are tired after all the shopping, why not get away from the hectic city and relax yourself in Nakazakicho. It is a good place for culture lovers, try spending one day walking around the neighborhood, I am sure you will find another face of Osaka.


Hukulou coffee

Address: 1 Chome-9-7 Nakazakinishi, Kita-ku, Ōsaka-shi, Ōsaka-fu 530-0015, Japan
Opening hours and fees: Mon – Fri 12.00 – 18.00 ( 1200Yen / 60mins, drinks included), Sat, Sun and public holidays 11.00 – 18.00 ( 1200Yen / 45mins, drinks included)
Official website:

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