Treasure Hunting in convenient stores (II) – Cast away the Hot and stuffy feeling. – The Japanese Dessert Specials.

In the last treasure hunting in convenient stores (I) article, we had introduced couples of limited desserts were launched by the convenient stores. In the beginning of the summer, the convenient stores in Japan starts launching number of different new desserts. This time we will keep introducing the new fresh products from each convenient store so to well prepare for the summer.    

1)Japanese’s favor nostalgic taste – レモン牛乳モナカ(Lemon Milk ice-cream Sandwich)

top_img_00 The local drink of Tochigi prefecture 『レモン牛乳(English: Lemon Milk) is very famous. April of this year, CIRCLE K and will collaborate together to produce a nostalgic snack – Lemon Milk Ice-cream Sandwich. The ice-cream tastes a bit sour and sweet, you will love it.   edit-10186-1459993411-14 Source: Circle-K Japan Official website Product package use the same design of the old lemon milk that the locals feel very cordial.   96be1ecf Source: Good Moring Call TV Since it is a limited collaboration product, the Japan TV also makes a detail introduction of it.   img_6676 Source: The golden lemon waffle with lemon ice cream that made by lemon milk, you can smell the fresh lemon flavor even you haven’t started eating it. Untitled Source: In between the outer pastry and the ice cream, there is the crunchy lemon chocolate that is one of the tasty sources. Just one bite, you can feel the tender ice cream with the sweet chocolate that enrich the taste.   Product Name: レモン牛乳モナカ(Lemon Milk ice-cream Sandwich) Price: 119 Yen (after tax 128 Yen) Selling Store: Circle –K OFFICEAL WEBSITE:  

2)Dessert that likes a high quality one from famous Match store – 宇治抹茶ロールケーキアイス(Uji Matcha ice-cream Swiss roll)

Japan has many different kinds of Matcha desserts but the quality can be various.   However, Lawson work with the Japan’s number one Matcha brand 『 辻利一本店』(Tsujiriichihonten the headquarter of the Tsujiri stores) and launch the Uji Matcha Swiss roll ice cream. The matcha lovers should not miss it n448093 Source: Lawson The original and chocolate flavors that launched last year were very popular. The Uji Matcha being launched this time also well received by the locals and oversea tourists. interested-item_43499-5-600x399 Source: Once open the cap, you can smell the familiar rich Matcha flavor. By using the Matcha from the tradition old store 『 辻利一本店 / Tsujiriichihonten』that the ice cream Swiss roll has a rich dark green color. This shows they use the high quality Matcha.     2016-05-05-191917 Source: Cut the roll into half, you will find not only the surface has the ice cream, even the soft sponge cake also with the unique and special bitter flavor of the Matcha ice cream. The mouth is full of the bitter yet sweet taste. The after taste of the Matcha is so unforgettable.   Product Name: 宇治抹茶ロールケーキアイス(Uji Matcha ice-cream Swiss roll) Price: 248 Yen Selling Store: Lawson OFFICIAL WEBSITE:   Need stable WiFI connection when travel in Japan? Want to check out the map and train timetable at anytime? Ninja WiFi is your friend! Softbank’s latest model Hybrid 4G LTE, unlimited broadband data, 187Mbps speedy network connection, unbeatable speed, connecting up to 10 devices simultaneously is the best application to share with companion and friends. National-wide coverage, stable connection, Pick up at major airports or get by couriers. It’s simple and convenient. No deposit, No cheating. Now only cost HKD45 per day. Come and visit NIINJA WiFi for more details! After arriving the airport, only takes 1 minute to pick up the WiFi egg. Then you can travel around Japan right the way. Service in year-round! Super fast and convenient.