Totoro~ Will you eat it? Cute Totoro desserts!

Have you heard of Totoro? It is one of the famous work from Mr. Miyazaki, even if you haven’t watch the animation before, you will still fall in love with the cute Totoro! The Fluffy Totoro is the favorite amongst girls. Hence, many people who came to visit Tokyo will arrange a visit to Ghibli Musuem (三鷹の森ジブリ美術館) to see Mr. Miyazaki’s manuscripts and other exhibition!

© Dick Thomas Johnson

This time, I am going to introduce you to a dessert store which is a half an hour away from the Ghibli Musuem. What so special about the dessert store? When you see the coffee colored and fluffy Totoro, it will attract you to visit it again!
The signboard of Shiro-Hige’s Cream Puff Factory. ©leesean

Totoro cream puff is recognized by Mr. Miyazaki, hence it has a very tight monitoring in terms of appearance and ingredients, and it has a limited number of cream puff for sale. If you really want to try out this dessert, be sure to come a little earlier.

There are 6 different types of Totoro Cream Puff, the appearance is based on different decoration on the Totoro Cream Puff. It represents different flavors, first two flavors are available all year round:
Original flavor(west and south), chocolate (east), and white peach flavor (north) ©leesean

First: Original

Appearance:Totoro with a piece of green leaf
Flavor:The outer layer is made of wheat. The cream and custard is made of vanilla beans, fresh and delicious.

Second: Chocolate

Appearance:A blue ribbon on the hat
Flavor:It has the same outer layer, the cream is made of two different types of chocolates, has a very strong chocolate fragrance, it gives you a sweet feeling after tasting it

And the others four flavor, you have to try your luck in order to taste it!

Third: White Peach

Appearance:A red ribbon on the hat
Flavor:Made of peach syrup and walnut wine from Yamanashi, it brings out the fresh flavor from the walnut。
Sale period: July – September


Fourth: Raspberry

Appearance:A yellow ribbon on the hat
Flavor:The sour raspberry fruit with raspberry jam, compliments the cream cheese giving it a rich texture.
Sale period: September to December


During autumn, from October to December, it is time for the chestnut flavor!

Appearance:Totoro with a coffee colored maple leaf
Flavor:The cream is made of fine chestnut, together with cooked chestnut skin, giving it a rich texture.


Lastly, spring time, Totoro with a sakura decorations, it is strawberry flavored!

Sale period: January to June
Appearance: Totoro with Sakura petals
Flavor:The fresh cream is made of strawberries from Wakayama with whipped cream, sugar and strawberry liqueur.

Ha-ha, you must be drooling right now, remember it is closed every Tuesday!

Shige-Hige’s Cream Puff Factory is located near Setagaya-Daita Station, it is just across the bridge.


Totoro is waiting for you at Shiro-Hige’s Cream Puff Factory!

Address:Tokyo, Setagaya Daita 5丁目3-1

Operating hours:10:00 – 19:00