Tokyo Skytree – Egg Fans Tour

「Very tired~ Don’t want to move…」

A lazy voice, smooth little ass, always “reincarnated” into a different “egg dish”, I believe everyone can guess who it is? You are right! It is the popular ぐでたま (Gudetama). SkyTree introduced Gudetama in 2015, how could I miss this opportunity to visit it!   Entering the entrance of the café, you can see many Gudetama in different forms welcoming you, this is so exciting! 11733227_10204699582065841_1078985277_n Note: I was attracted by its small little ass (smile)   Most of the food in the store is specially designed for Gudetama, such as Gudetama pudding, Gudetama Hamburger, Gudetama coffee, Gudetama takoyoki and etc. They really look very good, it is hard to choose.. (Sweating) 11739643_10204700916659205_317217111_n I picked the Gudetama pancake (see figure), it looks so good! The runny egg yolk with the special sauce and crunchy cake, melts into your mouth, the flavor is so good! Most of the snack ranges between 100~600 Yen, a set meal is priced from 900~1700 Yen, it is worth the try!   Besides the themed café, you must not forget the Gudetama special store!(Note: Limited sale period) 11737016_10204699581225820_1445395672_n There are many types of Gudetama on the rack, different products, such as utensils, gift box, t-shirt and etc… It seems like it keeps whispering in my ears:”bring me home ~bring me home~” (smile) Besides the Gudetama specialty product, there is a series of animation played in the store too, it attracts many Japanese kids. The cuteness of Gudetama has attracted people from all ages. Even though I can buy the whole store, but I still spent an hour in the store.. (cried) . Surrounded by so many Gudetama products, it drew a perfect full stop to my visit. 10904698_10204701289348522_1312748147_n I also bought a phone decoration which can be hung on the phone, it soothed my feelings ~so happy~