Meiji a 25 years old eel store 『うなぎ 藤田』(Unagi Fujita) has a branch in Tokyo now.

When mentioned Japan Eel, of course, we just can’t not mention Hamamatsu, Eel from there is extremely famous. This time we will introduce a very famous and traditional eel restaurant 『うなぎ 藤田』that’s located in Hamamatsu. The biggest characteristic of this restaurant is it’s traditional secret eel sauce that has been passed on over 50 years. The eel sauce keeps absorbing the essence of the eel and eels are grilled with a specially made long charcoal. Therefore, the grilled eel is so tender and the smell is great. Even thought the price is a bit more expensive, but still will definitely recommend to people who want to try eel rice in Japan.


『うなぎ 藤田』’s originated store is located in Hamamatsu, but in March of this year, they opened a new store at Shirokanedai Tokyo (Minato Area). The address is 4-19-21, Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo. With the existing branch in Tokyo (address is 3-7-4,Tamadaira, Hino, Tokyo. That is a bit far away from the downtown, so not recommend to got there). So even you cannot visit Shizuoka because of the tight schedule, you sill can enjoy the great eel rice in Tokyo.


『うなぎ 藤田』Shirokanedai store is close to Tokyo Metro station. It is convenient to go there. The store is at the 3th floor and the decoration is very thoughtful. Adding up the 6 seats of the bar table, there are total 48 seats in the store. If you have the bar table seat, you will see the master using the steamer and grill stove to cook the eel, which is really aroused your appetite. The store is spacious and comfortable. The store uses wooden seats and with big windows that you can see the street view, sufficient of incoming light. Simple and comfortable.


『うなぎ 藤田』Eel rice is the main highlight. The eel of this restaurant is so crispy and delicious; the grease melts in your mouth once you have a bite. The smell and sauce are so attractive, the best of all the eel rice. There are many other kinds of eel dishes on the menu, whether you like plain grill, sauce grill or steam ect; this restaurant is able to satisfy every single customer.


The secret of the delicious of the eels from this restaurant is not only on their unrevealed traditional sauce but also on the selection of the eel. This restaurant is very picky on the eel selection and all picked eel are transported from Hamamatsu to their stores with well water. Eel are all alive before cooking. That’s why the eel never have the stink fishy muddy taste.


The price of the eel dishes is changed accordingly to the size of the eel. For normal eel rice use ¾ of the eel, the price is around 2,800 Yen (excluded Tax). In their Shirokanedai store, they have the set lunch 「すみれ」(violet) serve with side dish like salad and miso soup. Although it sounds a bit splurge but it’s not that expensive actually.

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