Three Ways to Enjoy Nagoya’s Famous Hitsumabushi!

Unadon three ways?

Tokyo, Osaka, Hokkaido, Kyushu, these names are not strange to us. Speaking of Osaka, it reminds us of takoyaki, Hokkaido reminds us about sashimi rice, and there is no doubts about famous ramen coming to mind when mentioning Hokkaido, what about Nagoya then?

Unadon three ways? Only found in Nagoya!


Nagoya is located in central Japan, compared to the above mentioned attraction, it has lesser visitors. However, after a series of promotion and an upgraded transportation system, it is very convenient to travel to Nagoya from Osaka and Tokyo. Since then, Nagoya has started to become one of the popular tourist attractions, especially to those who are food lovers. You might wonder, what is so delicious in Nagoya that people can’t forget its taste and keep coming back for it?

Today, I am going to introduce you to hitsumabushi. Nagoya is a city of delicious food, food made of miso, such as udon and yabaton (pork chop), which have attracted many tourist. But why unadon rice? Because, across Japan, only Nagoya has the special unadon.

How special? The answer is that there are 3 ways to eat unadon in Nagoya!! WHAT?!

Right, in Nagoya only, and you can only find it in Atsuta Houraiken!


Atsuta Houraiken is a restaurant with more than a hundred years of history; it is very famous in Nagoya. All these years, Houraiken did not invent many new dishes, they only focus on their specialty hitsumabushi. They have four shops in Nagoya.


Each shop has a different rest day, hence you have to check it before heading there, in order to avoid disappointments. Take this shop as example, they are off on the Tuesdays. Anyway, Atsuta Houraiken really has its historical value, their decorations and setting are so unique. They will offer you a tatami room where you can enjoy your meal with a relaxed mind, they will also provide you a hot towel once you are seated, and their services are very attentive.

There are four different prices of unadon, you can pick based on your liking and budget. Usually, it is recommended to divide the rice into four servings. The following steps are the four ways of eating hitsumabushi.

1. Original flavour, enjoy the flavour of the eel which was cooked with fine charcoal.



2. Mix the eel with other condiments such as seaweed, green onions, horseradish and etc, add according to your liking, and enjoy the different texture brought by the condiments.



3. Eat it with tea and dashi broth, enjoy the refined flavour hitsumabushi.


Lastly? Follow your own liking and enjoy your last portion of unadon. One simple dish with different ways of eating, it gives you different kinds of flavours, isn’t this special? When speaking of Nagoya, no matter how you feel about this city, try to explore the city starting from a bowl of hitsumabushi, explore the unique local food culture!