The limited edition for Cherry Blossom Season! The 5 cherry blossom food you must try in Tokyo.

Stepping in March, the Japan stores start launching the cherry blossom related products. In addition to the cute cherry products make your teen girl’s heart blasted. Have you ever thought that you can actually eat them? In following we will introduce 5 Tokyo limited edition products. All can let you taste the sweetness of the cherry blossom. As they are limited edition, if you visit Tokyo lately, don’t miss it.

1. Sakura Gold Ball Latte

Sticking the cherry made topping into the white ball. The just fine sweetness makes this latte not just look adorable, but the taste also very attractive. Selling address: Diver City Tokyo nana’s green tea Selling Price: 626 Yen (include tax)



2. Sakura Gold Soft Ice cream

Using cherry blossom as the theme, this soft ice cream is full of the unique cherry blossom scents and the taste of the spring. It also use the cherry shaped gold as the garnish. It worth’s 100 points just of the outlook. Selling address: Diver City Tokyo nana’s green tea Selling Price: 684 Yen (include tax)



3. Sakura Lemon Soda

Mix the sweet of the cherry blossom and the sour of the lemon; it becomes this fresh soft drink. Selling Address: Diver City Tokyo Auntie Anne’s Selling Price: (small (include Tax) 430 Yen; Medium Size 480Yen (include tax) sakura_food_03  

4. Sakura Pancake

As the cherry blossom season, Denny’s launches a whole new cherry blossom menu. Amongst those, the cherry blossom pancake is the most attractive one. The pancake is delicious this is because it doesn’t serve with the normal honey and butter, but a cream made of cherry blossom and an Artemisia vanilla. The side dish vanilla ice cream is also using cherry blossom as the topping. Really want to eat it by just looking at the photo. Selling address: Denny’s – 8 Address 8 Nibancho, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo Selling price: 510 Yen (include tax)



5. Super adorable cherry rabbit dessert

When you see this cup of dessert, bet you would not want to eat it. This girl oriented dessert is invented by a famous French cuisine researcher by chance, this dessert has the French lavender, jelly made of honey, and the rich red tea custard, grapefruit jam and of course we cannot miss out the pink cherry blossom rabbit. It’s too lovely that you won’t want to put it into mouth.
Selling address: 1 & 2 F, 426 building Jingumae, Shibuya, Nikola House Omotesando flagship store. Selling Price: 2,380Yen (include tax)



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