The best place to enjoy Hokkaido autumn leaves- Jozankei

November is the best month to watch the autumn leaves. GeographicallyHokkaido is located on the north side, autumn comes earlier compared to Honshu and other southern areas in Japan, usually red leaves can be seen in October. If you want to grab the chance to watch the red leaves when you are in Hokkaido, Jozankei(じょうざんけい)is the first place you should not miss!

We bought bus ticket to Jozankei from Sapporo JR Terminal, one trip cost 770 Yen, it is not very expensive. The trip from the city to the mountain area is a little bit longer, it will take you about two hours, but the number of people heading to Jozankei was more than what I expected.


After half an hour, we got off at Jozankei Shrine. When you step in, you will see the shrine is surrounded by golden forest, the view is spectacular!



There is a hiking trail next to the shrine, but after a short walk, we saw some signs indicating that bears can appear, due to safety reasons we returned to the shrine (actually our mission is to watch the red leaves! Smile). It is real, no joke!


Not far away from the shrine is the famous JozankeiOnsen! However we didn’t have enough time to visit (cry), it would be nice to be in the hot springs during winter~


Next to the shrine and onsen is the expressway, it was difficult for us to look for a barbeque restaurant. But.It is quite pricey; hence I only ordered the cheapest soba, which cost about 700 Yen, it tasted well! Chopped fresh ginger and onion with the soba sauce, this is the traditional way to eat soba!


After lunch, we walked along the expressway and we reached JozankeiGensen Park! There is a narrow stream infront of the park, many of them were having a footbath, it must be very good!



Walked for a while more and we finally reached our destination! The famous FutamiTsuribashi suspension bridge「ふたみつりはし」. Whether it’s the suspension bridge or the river side, the valley is covered in red leaves, it is the best time to experience autumn in Hokaido, it is very beautiful! It will make you feel great too!



Even though the return trip took longer, and during autumn, the sun set earlier in Hokkaido (around 4:30pm), it is better to plan your visit earlier, it is worth travelling!