日本橋 桜フェスティバル2016 – (Nihonbashi Sakura Festival 2016) – Part 2

Nihonbashi Sakura Festival has been started on 18th March. In Part 1 ( had introduced the cherry blossom viewing transportations and the cherry blossom stage. This time we will introduce the Sakura festival limited edition cuisine. We will introduce the information of the delicious food with the beautiful look and great flavor.

Enjoy the originate Menu from the traditional restaurants -ニホンバシ桜屋台 Nihonbashi Sakura Stalls

©ニホンバシ桜屋台 Nihonbashi Sakura Stalls website

『Nihonbashi 344 Club』is the Nihonbashi catering industry alliance. Which many well-known shops are member. This time 『Nihonbashi 344 Club』restaurants will cooperate with the COREDO Muromachi’s stalls (Cantonese: Dai Pai Dong), they will serve the limited special delicious cuisine to visitors. In following we will introduce some of the designated MENU.

©ニホンバシ桜屋台網頁 Nihonbashi Sakura Stalls Website
くりから( (Grilled Eel String): ): 400Yen( (Tax included))

Local people love eel so much. Restaurants うなぎ割, 大江戸、髙嶋家及いづもや formed theうなぎチーム (Eel team), they serve the delicious traditional grilled eel string. It’s really worth a try.


©ニホンバシ桜屋台網頁 Nihonbashi Sakura Stalls Website
マグロのにぎり((Tuna Suchi) :) :3rolls1,000 Yen ((Tax included))

All sushi lovers should pay attention to this. The Nihonbashi famous restaurants, 吉野鮨本店、繁乃鮨、蛇の市本店、舟寿し及寿司, are formed a sushi TEAM. They cooperate together to serve the limited tuna sushi menu. Only available at Ninhonbashi Sakura Stall, should seize the chance to give it a try.


©ニホンバシ桜屋台網頁 Nihonbashi Sakura Stalls Website
飛騨牛コロッケ((Hida Beef Croquette):): 200 Yen ( (Tax included))

Hida beef is one of the famous Japanese meat. Restaurant 居酒屋いけ増 serves the Hida beef croquette and it only costs 200 yen per piece. The price is very affordable.


©ニホンバシ桜屋台網頁 Nihonbashi Sakura Stalls Website

In addition to the cuisine mentioned above, there are other limited dishes and Japanese wine are served. Wait for you all to discover.

ニホンバシ桜屋台 (Nihonbashi Sakura Stalls)

Time: 3/26 (Saturday), 3/27 (Sunday) 12:00 ~ 18:00pm
Place: Nearby Fukutoku Shrine (Nakadori, Ukiyo Alley)
Price: Fee Admission (Food / drinks are charge additionally)

Nihonbashi gourmet restaurants’ street banquet – Nihonbashi Sakura Festival 2016


©ニホンバシ 桜バル Nihonbashi Sakura Festival 2016 Website

From 4/4 to 4/10, over 80 famous and tradition restaurants at Nihonbashi will serve the delicious food at the Tokyo station and Nihonbashi AREA. Visitors can try and taste different traditional Japanese flavor at once in this event. You should not miss this opportunity.

©ニホンバシ 桜バル Nihonbashi Sakura Festival 2016 website

あなご一本押寿司(eel box sushi)

玉ゐ serves the fresh eel and with the excellent sushi skill of the sushi chef, the box sushi is really amazing that’s mouthwatering.

©ニホンバシ 桜バルNihonbashi Sakura Festival Website

牛鍋弁当(桜Ver.)Gyunabe Lunch (Sakura version)

伊勢重has140 year history, they are famous of serving high quality beef and sukiyaki. They serve the Beef pot lunch for Sakura festival that you must try.


© Nihonbashi Sakura Festival 2016 website

いちご最中とセットドリンク Strawberries in between drinks

The famous green tea café – ZEN茶’fe, is also one of the restaurants that participate the event. The sweet Japanese style strawberry cake served with the hot and rich green tea. It’s the perfect match.

* Warm Reminder*
As above event uses the cash vouchers, please visit their official website to purchase the vouchers in advance. On the event day please go to the ticket exchange office to exchange the cash vouchers. Furthermore, you can also buy the cash vouchers at the Nihonbashi Information Center and some of the restaurants that participated in this event.
However, on-line purchase is cheaper, so I would suggest you to purchase on their official website (laugh).


Nihonbashi Sakura Festival 2016
Time: 4/4 (Monday) ~ 4/10 (Sunday), Weekday 17:00pm ~/ Saturday and Sundy 12:00am ~ * Closing hours are not the same, which is depended on each restaurant
Place: Tokyo Station ~ Nihonbashi AREA (Scheduled)
Price: Only Cash vouchers are accepted. The category of the cash vouchers and their purchase methods as follows:
1. Pre-sale ticket (official website, Nihonbashi Information Center): 2,900 Yen
2. Web Ticket (on event day): 3,100 Yen
3. On event day Ticket: 3,300 Yen (tax included)
* If you cannot use up all the cash vouchers, after the event (from 4/11 ~ 5/8), you can go to some of the restaurants to use them as cash. (1 voucher: 1,000 Yen)
For details, please visit their official website:

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