New products in the convenience stores in December – 8 must-try new products!

Even though convenience stores are not one of the attraction in your itineraries, but it is a place where everyone will eventually go! The famous 7-11 and FamilyMart are the tourists’ favorites, not only do they have many options, they always have new products! You will find new treasures each visit you make and you will never get bored of it! What are the new products? Let’s take a look at it!

1. Mini soft molten chocolate cake with vanilla ice-cream

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Molten chocolate cake is everyone’s favorite dessert, the thick molten chocolate flows from the cake, who can resists it? It would be too troublesome to bake it when you are craving for it (smile), it is not easily found in most dessert store. However, you can find it in MiniStop! A warm molten cake is the best dessert during winter!

■ Name:フォンダンショコラ バニラ&ベリー
■ Price:320円(including tax)
■ Location:ministop

2. Mousse cake (White bear and Snowman)


Japanese dessert are not only delicious, they have cute appearances too! Such as the mousse cake from 7-11, it has white bear and snowman respectively. So cute! It is a good snack after a meal!

■ Name:フォンダンショコラ バニラ&ベリー
■ Price:328円(including tax)
■ Location:7-11

3. Cold Stone Creamery – Premium Cheesecake Ice Cream Bar


Cold stone creamery Cheesecake is one of the popular products in the store. This year, the manufacture introduced the cheesecake ice cream bar! The pink packaging attracts many girls, the ice cream also comes in chocolate and strawberry flavor, it is also known as “jewelry bar”. It is the no.1 popular product in Japan!

■ Name:コールド・ストーンクリーマリーチーズケーキファンタジー
■ Price:270円(including tax)
■ Location:7-11

4. Udon with a snapper soup base (New Year Edition)


During New Year, noodles are one of the popular dishes among Japanese, usually it is soba and sometimes udon. This year, there is a new product which is udon with a snapper soup base, it also means longevity and good luck in Japanese. It matches the season. There are many different types of cup noodles in the Japanese convenience stores. Try out the New Year limited edition cup noodle before it finishes!

■ Name:日清のごんぶと年明けうどん鯛だし仕立て
■ Price:270円(including tax)
■ Location:7-11

5. Chibi Maruko Chan Bakauke Seaweed Rice Cracker


This is one of the products for Chibi Maruko Chan 25th anniversary – Bakauke Seaweed Rice Cracker! We always see Momoko Sakura always enjoying her snacks with her grandfather under the warmer table! Buy some and eat it as a supper snack in the hotel!

■ Name:コールド・ストーンクリーマリーチーズケーキファンタジー
■ Price:270円(including tax)
■ Location:7-11

6. Strawberry donut 草莓冬甩


The well known Lawson Donut has introduced strawberry donuts, it is not the traditional circle shape but rectangular instead. It is not any ordinary donut, it is my favorite croissant! Look so delicious!

■ Name:いちごのクロワッサンドーナツ
■ Price:130円(Including Tax)
■ Location:Lawson

7. Strawberry Cream Puff


7-11 just introduced the new flavor cream puff, which use strawberries as the main flavor, it is filled with strawberry fruits too! The bottom layer is the custard, it is a perfect match for the strawberry cream!

■ Name:つぶつぶ果肉のいちごシュー
■ Price:170円(including tax)
■ Location:Kanto 7-11


8. Charcoal Beef Tongue Rice

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Lastly it is the full meal – Charcoal Beef Tongue Rice! Travelling in Japan, you might forget about having a full meal, it is best to buy a bento box from the convenience stores. Japanese Charcoal Beef Tongue Rice has always been my favourite, and now you can get it from the convenience stores! It is served with quinoa rice, healthy and delicious meal!

■ Name :炭火焼牛たん重(Quinoa rice)
■ Price:798円(Including tax)
■ Location:Saitama, Tochigi, Gunma 7-11


Who say you can’t get delicious and healthy food from convenience stores? Japanese convenience stores have broken this concept! Now you can get delicious healthy meals from the convenient store!


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