Japan’King of the Fruits in Autumn – Grape Hodai!

Japanese always say that autumn is the season of food. Each of the states in the country would introduce all kinds of「旬」(pronounce as:SHUN,seasonal)food,one of the World Heritage Sites where Mount Fuji lies, Yamanashi Prefecture, their best food in autumn is grapes.
Yamanashi has the longest daylight in Japan, together with the natural water resource from the mountain, it achieved a named for itself – Fruit Kingdom(フルーツ王国). In early summer, there will be strawberries, cherries, and summer peaches, all the fruits produced from Yamanashi are categorized as one of the highest grade. Hence, starting from early summer, the fruit orchards in Yamanashi will organize Hodai(ぶどう狩り – like buffet style) and it became one of the popular activities for the Japanese.
12038993_10201014967533175_2936410468482423785_o A group of tourist who were here for Hodai


  1. Take the Shinkansen from the Tokyo Shinjuku Station to the Yamanashi Kofu station, the fare cost about 4000 Yen, it takes about an hour and 30 minutes
  2. Take the bus from the Tokyo Shinjuku Station West Exit to the Yamanashi Kofu Station, the fare cost about 2000 Yen, it takes about 2 hours.
Check out the website below to find more about Yamanashi Grape Orchard
12002413_10201014964733105_5349135433915115772_o This is an orchard located at Fuefuki in Yamanashi. It is the number one producer of peaches and grapes in Japan. You can eat all you want. Smile.
To avoid any suspicion of advertising, it is up to you to pick, but always bear in mind that the transport system in Yamanashi is not as good as Tokyo, most of the fruit orchard is away from Kofu Town, it might take you 2-3 hours waiting for the bus. If you are not driving, it is best to check out their address, or prepare to take a taxi. If you are unsure about the location, for more inquiries, you can browse through Kofu tourism website. Even if you did not make any reservation, most of the fruit Orchards welcome direct access. Each orchard has different Hodai, some has limited time, some has unlimited time, or you may also pluck your own grapes. In general, it cost about 500 to 1000 Yen.


Besides the famous Kyoho, there is Muscat,Berry A,Koshu and etc.
12010742_10201014965053113_2106350133912819419_o 12017622_10201014965333120_3036275512329357019_o 12015033_10201014965453123_8367465417034420955_o Koshu is the earliest grape vine in Yamanashi Prefacture, overall it taste a little bit sour and the skin is slightly astringent.


1. After entering the grape orchard, you will be served with plates and scissors, the orchard owner will show you how to pick the right grapes. 2. After participating in 2-3 different Hodai, the same type of grape in the same orchard doesn’t taste very different; hence I can’t confirm if the hidden orchard has better taste.
3. In the beginning, you might spend 15 minutes at most picking the grapes, or else you will have a sore shoulder at the end of the hodai, enjoy your grapes!
12031624_10201014965653128_4893747942914637191_o 11958159_10153022476572691_2590712415001822039_o From the pictures, you can notice the difference in pricesFrom the pictures, you can notice the difference in prices.
4. Most of the Japanese will peel off the grape’s skin and enjoy it while talking to friends and family. The look of the peeled grape under the sun light, it makes me feel like joining them immediately.

Additional tips!:

Besides grapes hodai, one of the famous goods from Yamanashi is grape wines. Visiting wineries is one of the must-do activities in Yamanashi. If I was to introduce Japanese red wine, it would take me to a brand new article; let’s end the article with a bottle of Koshu red wine. Koshu wine is more fruity bouquet; it is a good match for Japanese cuisine. 1461356_10152521187326845_9158777940197403719_n There is some orchards which are preparing their own winery, not sure if I will be lucky enough to meet them in the future?