Hokkaido Romantic Desert World – White Lovers Park (ShiroiKoibito Park)

Speaking of Hokkaido, what is the first dessert that comes to your mind? The only dessert that matches its romantic winter, must be the ShiroiKoibito (literally, White Lover)! It is my all-time favourite! XD It is easy to get to White Lovers Park. Take a train from Odori Station in Sapporo City, take the train to the Miyanosawa Station on the Tozai Line, walk for 15 minutes, and you will see a huge pink field. Behind the field, there is a European style factory with a big sign board -「白い恋人 CHOCOLATE FACTORY」。 12243889_10205288670672688_1193621710_n There are two entrance. One of it is free of charge where you can visit the place and buy souvenirs; the second allows you to participate in the dessert making process, but there is an admission fee. Entering the park, you will see western style elegant cottages and a fountain; it feels like you have stepped into a European street. On the right is a garden which is filled with beautiful flowers and the landscape looks like a maze, it is similar to the scene in Alice in the Wonderland! 12212491_10205288670992696_482766228_n If you walk further, there is a kids’ favourite – candy house! Looking at the fine workmanship of the candy engraving..wouldn’t it be nice if I could stay here (smile). 12243641_10205288671032697_1852795730_n Hoho!After visiting the park, next on the list would be souvenirsIt is a two-storey store, the second floor is an exhibition of vintage toys and souvenirs, the lower floor is everyone’s favourite – dessert! 12242252_10205288671872718_737989582_n Though it was November, but the store was filled with Christmas decoration! 12226510_10205288672432732_1550099969_n If you are lucky, you will be able to see the candy making performance! It is not easy to make candy, it is fully handmade and you must pay attention to the details. Candy masters have to keep rolling and pulling the candy to make sure all the colouring is equally spread on the candy, divide them into different weight and start building a candy house.. You can imagine how much time and effort they put into a hard candy! 12233446_10205288672232727_677809134_n Finally, before leaving, you must not forget the famous White Lovers soft ice-cream! It has a strong milk and chocolate flavour, all the happiness is in this one small cup of ice-cream! It most recommended! 12226349_10205288671392706_253034317_n During Christmas, there will be a huge Christmas tree in the park; you can imagine how romantic it would be when it snows!