Treasure hunt in convenience store – Not to be missed Japanese dessert special

When people visit Japan, in addition to do bulk purchase of Japanese cosmetic and medicines, local Japan convenience stores are also a great treasure hut place of those Japan lovers. Each convenience store has its own limited time and flavor products. Quality is unexpectedly high. In following we have searched some of the April limited desserts, hope you have the chance to give it a try.

koshatop_images_01 Source:7-11’s website  

4/25 the comeback of TIRAMISU shaved ice

Last year, the 7-11 limited edition product Tiramisu shaved ice aroused a trend in Japan’s SNS, and it will re-launch on 4/25. And this time, the shaved ice only has 138 calories, so it’s super wee-received by the Japanese ladies.


After unpacking the dessert, the rich cocoa powder covered the whole surface of the shaved ice, just like the real TIRAMISU.



Take a close look, it’s like a usual TIRAMISU, how does it taste?


The soft Cream Cheese and fine ices give a very special texture, and with the coffee wine inside the ice that greatly enhance the taste and flavor of the dessert

TIRAMISU Shaved Ice (ティラミス氷) – 149 Yen

Selling Location: 7-11
Selling Time: starts on 4/25
* Only available in Tokyo, Chiba, Ibaraki and Aichi 7-11 stores  

Let your mouth experience the COLD pleasure – FROZEN LATTE

Source:LAWSON’s website

LAWSON is one of the famous convenience store groups. Their fried chicken and ice cream have the stable quality. Recently, there is a new MACHI café counter inside the store to provide hot and cold beverages. The quality is unexpectedly high, so attracted many local people.

Source: LAWSON’s website  

All beverages are make and serve right after the order is placed and the price is relatively cheap, it is the 『Convenience store’s Starbucks』. This time we will introduce the FROZEN LATTE to be sold from 4/19. There are two flavors.

Source:LAWSON’s website

フローズンラテ クッキー&キャラメルコーヒ – (Frozen Latte Cookies & Caramel Coffee) – 248 Yen

The instant made coffee has the coffee’s bitter taste and caramel’s special sweetness, then mixed with the crunchy cookies. The aftertaste is too good and so unforgettable.

Source:LAWSON’s website

フローズンラテ はちみつ&ヨーグルト味 (Frozen Latte Honey & Yogurt Flavor) – 198 Yen

Yogurt is very popular in summer amongst ladies. The Honey & Yogurt Latte adds the lemon honey flavor to the yogurt, which is so refreshing. And it only has around 230 calories. Ladies do not need to worries anymore and can drink as much as they want.


In addition to the two new product being introduced above, MACHI café also serve other kinds of hot and clod beverages, you can visit the following website to have a look ~

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