Ladies favorite! The three popular premium chocolate shops in Tokyo

When talking about dessert, chocolate is one of the favorites of ladies. In Japan, chocolate are also very popular, different regions have their own popular chocolate products accordingly to their geographic and agricultural development. In following we will introduce three popular chocolate shops in Tokyo. When you go Tokyo for shopping next time, don’t forget to go there to taste the sweetness to re-charge your power.

1. ベルギーチョコレート | ピエール・マルコリーニ(Belgian Chocolate Pierre Marcolini)

Believe the name is not new to you all! This chocolate store is running by chocolate master Pierre Marcolini who is borned in Belgium. He brings the Belgian flavor to Tokyo; the taste touched every girl’ taste buds.


When you visit this shop, you must try the chocolate parfait (1,680 Yen). In one cup you can taste the chocolate Ice cream, chocolate mousse and fresh cream, underneath is the vanilla ice cream. The bitterness of the chocolate mixes perfectly with the fresh cream. Promise, once you have tried, you won’t forget such wonderful taste in your lifetime.


Store Information

2-3F, Ginza, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo
[Monday to Saturday] 11:00 ~ 20:00pm (Last Order: 19:30pm)
[Sunday, Public Holidays] 11:00 ~ 19:00pm (Last Order: 18:30pm)

2. リンツ ショコラ カフェ 銀座店 | Lindt Chocolate Cafe Ginza Store)

Lindt is a famous chocolate brand. It opens a café in Ginza. In there, you can taste the sweetness of the limited edition chocolate.

Chocolate Glace Liégeois (1,595 Yen)

If you visit the Ginza store, you have to try the Ginza store limited edition chocolate – Chocolate Glace Liegeois. You can taste the rich Lindt chocolate and the smooth cream in one, and underneath has the crisp that give a completely different crunchy taste. The taste is very rich.


Store Information

No5. Paul Star Building, 7-6-12 Ginza, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo
Weekday 11:00 ~ 22:00pm
Saturday, Sunday and Public holidays 11:00 ~ 20:00pm
Year Round Open

3. ピエール・エルメ・パリ | PIERRE HERMÉ PARIS

The store name already speaks for itself. It’s a premium chocolate store. By just looking at the doors decorations, you know this store is not an ordinary one. In the store, you are not only can buy the famous branded chocolates, the store also provide limited exclusive premium chocolate desserts.


Currently many premium chocolate restaurants also serve this kind of chocolate dessert ball (2,160 Yen), PIERRE HERME PARIS has no exceptional. Pour the hot chocolate on top of the chocolate ball, when the chocolate ball melts, then the tempting ice cream will be revealed. Just can’t wait to eat it up.


Another chocolate dessert that even man would love it (1,728 Yen). Using the same high quality chocolate, taste is super rich. As the unique bitter taste of the chocolate that makes this chocolate very popular amongst the Japanese men. Would you want to try?


Store Information

1.2 La Porte Aoyama, 5-51-8 Jingumae, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo
Bar Cocolate 12:00 ~ 20:00pm (Last Order: 19:30pm)
Year round open

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