An artsy trip to Tokyo (1) – A very cool country styled café Mino ts Café

◎minoi ts cafe’s instagram

Recently there are several magazines, which featured the cafes in Tokyo and Osaka, as a result, crowds of people flooded the places. Besides the major cities, there are quite a number of quality cafes outside the city centers too. Today I will introduce a country styled café – Café Minoi ts cafe that is located in Saitama Prefecture, do stop by and recharge yourself a bit by trying the nice dessert and drinks prepared by the café owner.


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◎minoi ts cafe’s instagram
A pair of couples runs Minoi ts café, they specialized in creating a homey atmosphere. The interior is decorated with country style, aim to provide a relax environment to the customers.


◎minoi ts cafe’s instagram
Not only the shop interior, even the utensils are nicely picked. Like the colorful and fun utensils in the picture, they are the owner’s favorite.If you are still having trouble picking souvenirs, you can actually pick from the “selling area” inside the café.


◎minoi ts cafe’s instagram
Home –made cake and coffee are made with natural ingredients

The café owner persists to keep the café in providing the feel of home, all food is made in natural ingredients, they make the homemade cake freshly everyday.

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minoiブレンド Minoi signature coffee 550Yen

The coffee beans here are provided by the popular café “Kumagaicoffee”, it tastes less bitter but with an extra fruit aroma and sour, it tastes more friendly. I believe for those non-coffee lovers will fall for this too. One more thing, I suggest enjoy it together with French toast.


applepie - Copy
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ホットアップルパイ  ケーキセット Apple Pie Set

Hand-made by the owner, not as sweet as those in the market, very refreshing.


◎minoi ts cafe’s fb

イチゴショートケーキ Strawberry Sponge cake

Nothing better than serve with the airy cream and the sweet strawberry.


◎minoi ts cafe’s fb

苺のフレンチトースト Strawberry French Toast

Serve only during teatime, the strawberry French toast is minoi ts café signature dessert, the toast is not too greasy.


◎minoi ts cafe’s fb

ブルーベリーケーキ Blueberry Cake

The blueberry is picked from the nearby farm, the blueberry is covered on the top of the cake like black diamonds, the look is already mouth watering


◎minoi ts cafe’s IG

桜のティラミス Sakura Tiramisu

Minoi ts café offers different seasonal food in different seasons. Sakura Tiramisu is provided only from March to April.

This café provides not only nice cakes, there are many delicious food too. However I will introduce more next time.


Minoi ts café

Address: Saitama prefecture Saitama city Minuma Ku Owada-cho, 1-1607

Tel: 048-884-8840

Opening hours: 11.00 – 18.30

Tips: Close on Tue and Wed, accept reservations before 12.30




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