A bar famous for its tasty cheese and curry – 『MOKUBAZA』


The photo shown above is a classic elegant bar. However, its selling point isn’t any drinks, but the ordinary Japanese homemade curry rice. Let’s find out what make this curry rice is so special and attractive that customer eager to order a dish of hot curry rice instead of having the thought of tasting a sip of the wine?
In following we will reveal it one by one.



MOKUBAZA is established in 2004. Originally this store is only a bar opened at night. Since the curry rice becomes very famous, it’s started the lunchtime service since 2008.
It becomes a well-known place because number of Japanese magazines and TV programs came to interview them recently.


Once walk into the store, you can see the bar symbolic thing – the bar table. At the middle, the wine shelves stock all kind of wines and glasses. It looks like a typical British pub that for friends to having gathering there.


Inside the store, there are many fine decorations and design books that help to increase the bar’s cultural atmosphere. These show the thoughtfulness of the owner.


No greasy feeling’s minced meat curry rice even you have it at last at night -キーマカレ (Minced meat curry rice)


The appearance of this キーマカレ (Minced meat curry rice) looks very ordinary and simple, but it is very time-consuming to cook it.
Owner insists not using any chemical seasoning, he mixes the natural spice and onion which being fried for 10 hours to the light soup, boiled into a sauce. Finally, use the highly selected domestic beef and pork that mixed together to make the minced meat, then becomes the mild but with light spice flavor curry.
Then served together with a strong egg flavor’s egg-york. That’s a smart idea to make the dish have an extra smooth taste.


チーズキーマカレー(Cheese minced meat curry rice)




Pours the pre-melted Mozzarella Cheese on top of the minced meat curry rice, the curry rice is surrounded by cheese and egg sauce, this let the curry flavor melts inside the mouth gradually.


焼きエッグキーマカレー(Baked minced meat curry rice)


If you are not accustomed to have the rice with raw egg, you can try this焼きエッグキーマカレー Baked meat curry rice. After baking, the high temperature brings out the spice flavor of the curry completely. The surface of the Mozzarella cheese is slightly scorched and with the half cooked egg-york, this rich flavor dish makes you want to order one more.


ローストトマトキーマカレー Roasted tomato minced meat curry rice (on the left)&アボカドキーマカレー avocado minced meat curry rice (on the right)


If you prefer to the fresh taste, this store also serve the vegetable / vegetable minced meat rice. This time the recommended roasted tomato and avocado minced meat curry rice dishes are very suitable for ladies.  

HP_currymenu_160211 ©MOKUBAZA’S  WEBSITE

*Friendly Reminder*
1) Since it is a bar in essence, so you need to order one drink at least (laugh)
2) This store provide different topping, for example チーズ (Cheese), ナッツ(Nuts) and パクチー(Coriander)etc., you can base on the price listed on the menu to add additional topping to create your own taste.



Lunch Time [Tuesday ~ Saturday] 11:30 ~ 15:00pm (LAST ORDER: 14:30pm)
Bar Time [Monday ~ Saturday] 19:30 ~ 23:30pm (LAST ORDER: 23:00pm)
* Every Monday – Lunch time, Sunday and public holidays will be closed*
Address: 1F, 2-28-212 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. Postal 150-0001
Telephone: 03-3404-2606
Yamanote line Harajuku Station 9 minutes by walk/ Fukutoshin line North Omotesando station 6 minutes by walk

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